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  1. I have a contractor who's quite bossy to the customer and has jipping money from the government for the last 7 or so years. They'd do this buy creating and ID/IQ contract for 5 years, have a few task orders, each one having 1001 A&AS and 2001 Travel. Now, let's just use some examples on how much they estimate each CLIN price, 1001 - $25 mil, 2001 - $5 million. Now every time we can tell that they are clearly not traveling for $5 million dollars, you know why? Because they tell the customer that they "need more money" for the CLIN 1001 due to underestimating the amount needed to fund it. they go on to tell them that "hey!, theres still money on 2001, why not move it over??" (Which is usually around 4.5 mil each time). THIS IS BULL. Mostly because each time they ask for the funding transfer it's somewhere near the end of september and the funds are about to expire, so they just are selfish pigs and try to take all of the money before FY## comes and destroys the funds. Last time they did this, another CS told them they cannot do that and if they want to file a claim that they deserve the funds, go ahead. Have yet to see one claim. And on top of that, the customer just wants to pay them off because if they don't "we'll have to do a ratification, and i don't want to go through that trouble".....LAZY. Seems like they just put money into the travel clin only to use it later for A&AS. This also may be crossing some bonefide need rule as the funds are not 2 year money. Any advice? P.S. The contract is FFP and the reasoning the customer says we should do this is because, " These are non-severable services, orders as needed, at the convenience of the government. There is some confusion on the CLINs being designated Firm Fixed Price but this is just an artifact of the contract writing system. The CLINs themselves represent only "not to exceed amounts" of the government's best estimates of the rates that are fixed priced." Has anyone seen anything about how they "aren't technically FFP?" There's nothing about that in the contract, only that it's FFP.
  2. Ok, so this one software company will not allow for use of options for themselves or their resellers for maintenance and software distribution. We continue to ask for a policy letter or statement that allows them to do so for government contracts. All he can say for himself is "We do not allow options, unless you pay for the total amount at the time of contract award." I think this is bogus. They also don't sign government contracts either when we award anything to him, however, it's under the SAT so i believe 41.2 allows that. Thoughts? Am i incorrect in this scenario?
  3. hey, this task order i have has option years...can it do that? also, the PR has fiscal year 14 funding in the line accounting thingy and i will be awarding this next week for 5,345,000.00 but i just started 4 days ago, anywhos, its only for something with jets over in kuwait. whatev. Can someone help me with this?
  4. I can't even begin to describe how slow and laggy this site is, i can't do my job without EPLS or CCR...yet SAM has to go down for maintenance within 24 hours of being online....what the heck.