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  1. Seacucus, Just making sure that the USG officially abandoned the property. Sometimes contractors think property is abandoned because there has been no decision/no interest. If it is officially abandoned, then the USG has no title. I would do as Joel says.
  2. Just a side comment--DCAA is having big problems. They are unresponsive, slow, and getting in the way of many procurements. Something needs to happen and soon. Government agencies are starting to do their own audits.
  3. I think if someone had a quick question to ask, then chat would be valuable. The trouble is that in our field of contracting, questions tend to be complicated. I like using Chat with people with whom I do business when I have a quick question.
  4. I agree with here_2_help--the requirement is not new, but the reporting into DTIC is.
  5. It seems my question has generated much good discussion. To answer several posters, the item was developed on IR&D. I think Vern was on target with the price being whatever market price we determine. What brought up the question was the royalties/license idea, so I think some here are thinking we have to show the royalty/license cost for the IP. Our offer will more than likely be an unsolicited proposal.
  6. Yes, I invited our IP attorney to a meeting today. Hopefully he can explain things. I think we're getting mixed up with semantics/word choice. I think it is IP we want to license, but whatever.
  7. Vern, It's hardware--a box for aircraft. I don't want to say too much about it re: technical. Inthis environment of smaller DoD budgets, we're trying to offer something to the military with a different acquisition method. I know this question may seem strange, but I'm relaying to you what my management is telling me. I was told to research it. I already Binged (that doesn't look good) "royalty," but there isn't much out there as it relates to the Government. Thanks.
  8. Vern, that 's the discussion. I keep saying it's not a royalty; I'm thinking it's a license. Do you know of any reading materials on royalties?
  9. here2help: No. We are a large Government contractor.
  10. Vern, we want to sell them the product. The thought is that the Government avoids overall NRE costs.
  11. I've been having discussions at my company about a new product that we have developed for the military on company funds. We have approached the military about this product and they are interested. We fully understand that the Government cannot purchase our products without authorization, etc. In order to recoup some of our development costs, we want to include an amount in the purchase price. The discussions have centered around royalties. Looking at the FAR (27.202-1 and 52.227-6) indicates that royalties are for patented items. I do not think that our company will seek a patent. I had
  12. Agree that common sense would apply. Because of the lag getting indirect rates approved, my company does not consider a contract closed and final paid till the final voucher is submitted and paid. Our most recent approved rates are 2005.
  13. 27.401 Limited rights means the rights of the Government in limited rights data as set forth in a Limited Rights Notice. [Well, that just clears it up for us...]
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