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  1. Looking at updates to policies and procedures for purchasing and interested in what dollar amount is used in policies as the threshold requiring competition and price justification for INDIRECT Purchases? (to support business reasonableness and indirect rate audits) Thank you.
  2. Thanks for your input 'Mr.' Vern and I apologize for adding the 'e' to C. Culham, I did read that article and it was very well done. I have quite tight processes in place regarding co-employment issues, including a checklist of our own for determination. My question really was regarding the Reps and Certs issue which we are updating our forms and some folks in our org needed to know that the 'government' recognizes (and the industry does count them) the individual's size status when they are indeed an independent contractor 'subcontracted' to us under a Fed contract. Thanks!
  3. Verne, I was hoping you were there to give me a reply with a cite ref THANKS!
  4. Good morning, should we be counting independent contractors/consultants (1099rs) as 'small' business and allowing them to self certify as any other small business may under the socio-economic classifications? (these are individuals performing under their SSN, not LLCs or Corps with one person) Thank you.
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