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  1. Retreadfed, I'm with the government
  2. I'm speaking about the task order as a stand alone only with respect to the retention time. Why should I keep a task order that was complete in 2010 for 6 years and 3 months after the end of the IDIQ? Instead of keeping it until 2016 (plus 3 months), I'm supposed to keep it until 2021 (plus 3 months)? That seems like a total waste of space and file management. GSA orders are task orders and we don't keep them until 6 years, plus 3 months after then end of the GSA contract. We keep them 6 years, 3 months after the end of the task order.
  3. Our IDIQ started in Jan 2010 and we have task orders that are complete. Many were complete in 2010, 2011, etc. It sounds like you are telling me I can't destroy the task orders until the IDIQ is complete which isn't until 2015. So a task order that was complete in 2010 can't be destroyed until the last task order is complete and final payment has been received (plus the 6 year and 3 month retention) which won't be until 2015+, is that correct? It seems to me the task order should be a stand alone document and we can stage the destroy date for 6 years and 3 months after final payment on the task order.
  4. There is a debate in our office about the retention time for task orders against our in house IDIQs. Some are saying they are stand alone orders and shall be destroyed after the specified time period of when the task order itself is complete. However, others are saying they must be kept with the master IDIQ file and not destroyed until the IDIQ has been closed out. I can't seem to find any information about this in the FAR. Does anybody have an answer?
  5. Telecommunication Acquisitions

    I am the contracting office. I forgot to mention that these actions weren't previously done in the contracting office and we have been told the way we used to do it is wrong. So now we are tasked to take it over and I'm just trying to weed out what should and shouldn't be done in the procurement office. Nobody else seems to know the answers therefore I've been asked to research it and figure it out. I don't believe there is a monopoly for the phones, not sure about the cable. Electricity and water is not on my list.
  6. I am looking for information on how to procure telecommunications services. Do these actions fall under normal acquisition procedures, i.e. FAR Part 12? Besides cell phones, which I know are commercial, I also have requirements for landlines, cable tv and cell phones that are strictly used for revenue metering. I've read FAR part 41 - Acquisition of Utility Services and I'm still not sure on how to proceed. Any guidance is appreciated.