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  1. Thank you for the feedback. In our situation, all government employees are receiving parking passes. Its a part of the lease agreement with GSA. I'm a relative newbie when it comes to working for the government and managing cost-type contracts. It seems to me that there is a lot the government will pay for under a cost-type contract (according to the classes I've taken), but somehow "parking" can be a sticking point..
  2. Couple of teammates and I have been batting around the topic of contractor parking and whether or not it is an allowable cost. The original solicitation stated that the place of performance was a primary duty location. It was silent on parking. The Government has a lease at the location and as part of the lease, received parking passes. The parking passes were doled out to Government employees and contractor employees. It is a access restricted parking lot. The Government is intending on increasing its workforce at the location and will be revoking the contractor's allotment of parking passes. The contractor is now required to buy parking passes for its employees. Under a cost-reimbursable contract, is this an allowable cost? Parking is not called out as an allowable cost in the FAR. It was not addressed as part of "local travel" in the solicitation either.
  3. For a couple of reasons- This is a custom-built software system only used by the government. It will never be used commercially, nor will any modifications to it, make it available for commercial use. Even though there is a listing of labor cats for the positions, there is no "commercial" knowledge of the systems... For example, if the government needs a bathroom built in a faciltiy, that knowledge is commercially known and can be done (one would hope quickly), versus the government asking a vendor to develop, modernize and enhance a system they have never seen, touched or ever worked on... industry wouldn't be clamoring for technical information... plus with software development the requirement is very fluid in terms of week to week needs and changes... hope this further clarifies my position...
  4. All: New poster looking for some insight... I work in IT Contracting for a civilian agency and we are having some difficulty persuading "decision-makers" that a requirement covering software development, modernizations and operations and maintenance is non-commercial work... the pervasive theory is that becuase there are labor cats for the work it is commercial... the applications are custom for govt... and becuase there are labor cats for the work in the commercial marketplace only FFP, LH or T&M contract types can be supported... and this position is supported by the CI definition in FAR 2.101 (speciifically part 6 of the definition). I've argued the CI definition and am seeking any other ideas as how to push my position that work is non-commercial
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