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  1. Well, yes, that's one implication and now that I've re-read the OP, I can definitely see that. Mine's another implication, that the Contractor is being asked to submit proposals when there is a contract already in place that doesn't require such. (NB: The fact that it is an IDIQ and we're discussing a single task order leads me to my conclusion...that I can't believe that even the most clueless contractor would expect the entire IDIQ value to be consumed in a single TO, or even close to it....but much stranger things have happened...) At the root is who do we think is more in t
  2. So, to see if I understand this correctly: Contrator has an IDIQ with fixed prices and is the only contractor on the IDIQ. The contract states minimum TO value and an overall minimum IDIQ value. It very likely also has a maximum value. Post-award, the Government now has a requirement that will be in excess of the minimum TO value and the minimum IDIQ value. The contracting folks are suggesting that a proposal be requested (and the contractor's response be evaluated) vs. simply issuing a TO. The contractor is declining to respond to the request for a proposal. There's a
  3. It looks like, in the seventh post in this thread, that General Correspondence says "As stated, this is minimum ceilings at this IDIQ." Based on this, I'd guess the meaning to be "minimum guarantee" as the other dollar amounts mentioned are in excess of this. GC, some IDIQs come with a minimum guarantee that says you'll get at least that much business from the contract, or just a check. It ensures the contract wasn't a total waste of B&P resources. I don't believe that minimum guarantee acts a trigger for anything else, like CAS. But maybe it means something else. Maybe GC cou
  4. When you say NDA, do you mean a Non-Disclosure Agreement, or are you speaking of a teaming agreement? Or maybe something else? Assuming you mean a teaming agreement or something like it (since you mentioned "when pursuing government RFP" and "scope of work" vs the scope of information to protect), no, I would not use the NAICS code as anything beyond a *maybe* a reference to the RFP. NAICS codes are notoriously vague, overlapping and non-prescriptive - they are used primarily to create economic 'buckets' for reporting purposes, and of course become the basis for small business s
  5. This is a problem. What if I ask the wrong questions? What if the OP doesn't want to respond? What if the OPs answer causes more questions? The purpose of any forum is to provide "groupthink" - a range of answers, opinions, questions, suggestions. The smart OP gathers the information and considers it, understanding some of it may be biased, inapplicable or just plain wrong. Using the 'lost files in the storage unit' example...many good considerations came up after the initial couple of posts. Did that invalidate those earlier posts? Not necessarily. Collectively, they
  6. It would, it would just take a generation to get the full results. I believe the new proposal to conduct surveys after solicitations may also get to similar results with the existing workforce. If used effectively, I'd hope that such surveys would identify both best practices (top 10%) and worst practices (bottom 10%) and address them - maybe not with new regulations, but rather improved tools, training and sharing. At least at the beginning, it would help identify where the worst pain and best practices are, as identified by everyone involved. That's the hope anyway, time wil
  7. I manage the SAM registration for a large company and every so often I get a panicked email from an executive..."I just got this SAM email warning..." And I spend the next 15 minutes explaining how all's well and that yes, I am actually doing my job (that's the part that's most frustrating; it makes me look bad, like some escalation happened due to my lack of diligence) Is it a scam? Well, I dunno, if they do in fact make the renewal happen, maybe not. People (used to) pay to have someone else drive their car across some big bridges, right? Fear is the only impediment... I wonder
  8. Agreed. One "good faith effort" is to create a portal, is it not? The subcontractor bids against others on pieces of the contract as they come up. If the subcontractor doesn't have the lowest qualified price, they aren't selected. The Prime enabled the sub in every way, providing a good faith effort; all the sub needed to do was to propose a better price. The clause has the feel that it was written by a prime. Like the Fox's security system for the Hen House.
  9. "Never confuse winning with delivering" A few observations on this (note, I'm being purposely vague here, I leave it to you, 76fj40, to research): You mentioned the SubK Plan in your first post - have you seen a SubK Plan were your firm is mentioned and committed? In my limited experience, the prime's commitment is to hit % subcontracting goals - while maintaining their right to choose how those goals are met (and with whom). The SubK Plan may provide a list of subcontractors and even indicate where TA's exist, but primarily to show that the Prime can be reasonably expected to del
  10. Believe it or not, I love the idea in concept. It achieves your stated goals. It creates that "earned it" mentality you mention in the post above, where an employee will be a little more bought in to the company for having invested in the challenge of getting the job. It is well established that writing samples (typically in a shorter format) are an accepted, proven hiring tool. The concept has merit. You provided parameters that seemed to invite an application into the real world... a specific salary, a specific type of hiring company, etc. In fairness, I just think (in th
  11. Will do - Always good advice when the gedanken experiment takes an ad hominem turn. Have a good weekend!
  12. (realizing that Vern doesn't want to hear this...) If I'm one of the final 3 applicants and give a 6 hour/3000 word essay prior to being hired, there is a 2 in 3 chance that I just gave away valued work product for free, to a probable competitor (assuming I have a 1 in 3 chance of being hired from the exercise). Being that the exercise is to write to a 101 level essay, the facts therein may not be very proprietary. But the assembly and organization of it, and any insights, might be valuable to a company. Hiring is a very litigious area. As the hiring company asking this of appl
  13. Kind of reminds me of an episode of "The Office" where Dwight Schrute is training/evaluating Ryan, who wants to get into sales. Dwight takes the Ryan to his barn, straps Ryan into a chair and begins to grill him. At the end of the questioning, Dwight declares that to really sell, one must overcome fear. And as Dwight yells the word "fear" - Dwight's cousin jumps out of hiding, into Ryan's face in a threatening manner, wearing the word "fear" across his sweatshirt. Ryan gets up, shakes his head and walks out. I mean, yes, Dwight was right. His methods were just a bit unort
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