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    Cite the Clause or Cite the Authority

    That is a better approach I'm just venting.
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    Cite the Clause or Cite the Authority

    I'm just using their words about "Authority" I believe that if you plan to exercise an option period that you insert the clause into the contract and you cite that clause in the modification. You didn't put 17.207 in the contract you put 52.217-9 in the contract so cite it. The issue I have always come across is that no matter how much sense you seem to make people pushing 60 years old never seem to respect the opinion of something who just turned 30. The cite their years of experience and don't want to admit they have been doing things incorrect for the last 30+ years.
  3. Just came to a new agency. I never used their acquisition system before and a co-worker was showing me how to do a modification on a SF-30. I have always been mentored to cite the clause when modifying a contract ie. 52.212-4© to change a commercial item or 52.217-9 to exercise the option. Well here they cite the authority which makes sense because the authority is cited for 13( administrative modifications. I’ve seen it done before never used it in a modification I’ve done before but I found it acceptable. Is this one of those things people debate about but no one really knows the definitive answer ? Does it really matter if I use 43.103(A) for a bilateral mod. Should I be using the citation 17.207 to exercise an option. Whose right? Whose wrong?