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  1. In a May 2014 posting, a poster stated that "GAO has ruled that if you introduce FAR 15 procedures to a Part 8 acquistion, then GAO will hold you to those more stringent part 15 procedures in the event of a protest. Thus, you would have to follow the procedures in FAR 15.506 for post award debriefings." There was no citation to any decision, and I have been unable to find any GAO decision reflecting such a ruling. Can anyone provide a cite?
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    FAR Case 2010-003?

    Thanks for the information.
  3. I found a reference to FAR Case 2010-003 in the June 2010 issue of "The Nash & Cibinic Report." According to that article, the intent behind the case was to revise FAR Subpart 17.2 to address extensions of services contracts for bridging to avoid breaks in service. Unfortunately, I am unable to find any other reference to this FAR Case -- it does not seem to appear in the list of open or closed cases posted on the FAR Council's website. Can anyone shed light on what happened to this case? Was anything ever done on the subject of bridging by extending services contracts?