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  1. The term FOUO refers to For Official Use Only
  2. When conducting negotiations is it appropriate to furnish the contractor with the Government's Objective Spreadsheets (they are marked FOUO)? I've been in Pricing for a long time and we've never given the contractor the government's spreadsheets and we are now being asked where the regulatory guidance exists for not sharing the government position. Can you help?
  3. Thank you for your insight. I do have another question along the same line regarding Limitation of funds. If the CO adjusts the contract price down to the funding available (in this case 300K) are they then required to get a proposal (which adjust the price from $3M to 300K) which then would require Certified Cost and Pricing data?
  4. Background:A CPFF contract awarded at $3.6M - money obligated to date $300K will not be further funded. $3.3M is left on the contract. Under the "Limitation of Funds" the PCO has informed the contractor to stop work and no further funding will be available. The PCO does not want to obtain a cost proposal to delete the remaining effort (because of cost associated with proposal) but wants to let the contract die once funding is expended. The PCO wants to adjust the contract price down to available funding ($300K) and adjust fee to % of work performed. Question: The difference in contract value is $3.3M - the requirement for Cost and Pricing data is $650K. Does the contract price need to be changed or can we just mod the contract to adjust for the revised fee amount. If the contract price is adjusted should not a descope proposal be obtained to satisfy the requirement for Certified Cost and Pricing Data IAW 15.403-4 (a)(1)(iii)?
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