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  1. So a COTR brought this up.... COTR is considering a new acquisition. Among other tools used in the research, he "GOOGLED" possible solutions. (He did other research as well, but GOOGLE was one of the search engines used.) "When we are looking at cloud services (or really any product for that matter) search engines like Bing and Google are indispensable for gathering market research, documentation, etc. Since the companies that provide the search engines also compete on other products, could they use search and site visit history to identify competitors for an RFP and gain a
  2. I need assistance getting copy of JD for Procurement QA/QC. Specialist. Can you assist?

  3. replying to here_2_help Heavens no. We are not at all interested in stealing anything. IP rights are an entirely different set of questions/bear traps. The MAKE OR BUY thing for us would help determine --- 1) Is something close to what we want already there, and can we eventually make it work in our universe? 2) Are we trying to weld a big tractor to a little red wagon, which CAN be done, but is not really something commercial ventures have declared worth pursuing? In which case, build is a "reasonable" decision. 3) are we asking for an underwater toaster, wh
  4. So our IT guys have set up an “incubation lab”. This will allow them to play with potential tools already available commercially, and see what breaks (of their stuff or ours) and what we like. Or to consider whether we can justify building it ourselves, as opposed to buying it. Now they want to do something like this— Release a single solicitation Make (basically) identical awards to, say, 4 companies. With option years. and 3 stages. Potential XXX gazillion dollars for each award. Initial period, for EVALUATION IN OUR ENVIRONMENT (XXX thousand doll
  5. Just an note to reinforce the advice from Vern-- If you are concerned about using the terms properly, then define them when you use them and be consistent in your usage. We did run into problems with a SOFTWARE purchase, a case of what we felt we were entitled to get VS what the salesman wanted to deliver. It turned out the government defined specific technical needs under an ATTACHMENT, while the contractor defined what they wanted to deliver under their LICENSE AGREEMENT, included as an ADDENDUM. See 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions—Commercial Items (Dec 2014) (s) Order of precede
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