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  2. In all honesty, being of the "younger" contracting generation, it seems as though no matter how much "proper instruction" we get, the ability to enact or emplace what we learn is just not there. No matter where we are throughout the course of our interships or OJTs, there will always be that one KO or that one Deputy or that SBS that will fight you tooth and nail about how to do something, because that's the way they've done it for the past 15 years. It leaves a great potential learning experience feeling more like a two way shouting match in which you've completely lost your voice. In my personal opinion, we would not become "jaded" or "cynical" were we to be taken seriously, no matter what the scenario. Be it from suggesting a different interpretation of a FAR citation, to the methodology behind doing something that deviates from the office norm, why not give us the opportunity? As the Don said, had we the chance to, I can guarantee you that we can streamline the processes we go through and STILL do them compliant to our guiding regulations. As far as leadership goes, I can guarantee you that there are many great leaders that will leave this field and it will be a disconcerting situation but I can also guarantee that there will be many leaving that will leave me with no doubts nor any second thoughts about whether or not they should still be here. No one joins this workforce to learn the wrong way, nor do they join to fail at it. We want to succeed, we want to do it the right way because this is our future. I, in no way shape or form, discredit any work that the more "experienced" 1102's have done, I am simply stating that we should be taken just as seriously if not moreso, because we are new, we have the desire, we have the motivation, and I can most certainly say that we do not lack the knowledge or the capacity to take this field to new heights.
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