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  1. Hi everyone, I provide business/proposal development consulting to a number of clients, and I just came across a situation that I could really use some advice on. I have a client who is bidding on a solicitation that is easily the worst RFP I have seen in 25 years in the business. After digging a little, the "Contracting Officer" who issued this RFP appears to be a contractor who lists his job title as a "Contracting Specialist Consultant" on his LinkedIn profile. It is very apparent that the solicitation is defective (they state the contract type as Hybrid T&M/FFP/CR with one CLIN), but my client would rather press forward and fix problems after award. My sense is that if this RFP is being issued by a contractor who is pretending to be a CO, it's not even awardable, but I wanted to check with the experts to see if the world has turned upside-down recently and now they now allow the contracting officer role to be outsourced. Grateful for your advice OG
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