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  1. Leo1102, the contract is FFP. My KO wants me to place a PO against the manufacturer and not my KTR. The current contract is expiring shortly and the KTR is not performing to standards. It does bring up a challenge as we are training a KTR employee that could jump ship anytime but the standard practice is that whichever next KTR wins the next contract, generally picks up the KTR employees who were the incumbents. If the G&A + travel costs go over the JTR, would that be acceptable? I thought we were not allowed to go over government per diem rates.
  2. Good morning, I'm in a situation where I need a contracted employee to attend a required training that will be taught by a third party contractor. Background: We awarded a service contract for medical professionals that is not under any CLASS/MASS contract. Originally, the contract did not require the contracted employees to be trained to use a specialized medical equipment but recently, the hospital received a new state-of-the-art machine which requires specific training for this item from the manufacturer (the third party). Unfortunately, we do not have any military or federal employee to fi
  3. I have recently inherited a Clinical Acquisition Support Services (CLASS) contract for medical personnel. CLASS is a new concept to me as well as service contract administration. The CLASS system streamlines the award process for medical staffing services because the Air Force has determined that the proposed 22 contractors are 'qualified' at providing staffing needs. Due to a court case which I'm unfamiliar with, an award was made to Contractor A for 1 calendar year of performance. One of the stipulations of this award was that no modification can be done to increase hours worked on this cont
  4. I'm currently a 6C0 (Contract Specialist) in the Air Force and I have about 11 months until I get out (or re-enlist). I would like to stay within the contracting field but looking from USAJobs.gov, I don't seem to qualify for a 11-02 position even at GS-9. Every Federal agency has different requirements but for the most part, they are very similar. I will be receiving my CCAF (Community College of the Air Force) in Contracts Management shortly and have my level 1 in contracting and have already been trained in level 2 unofficially. One of my co-workers who was ex-military entered the civilian
  5. Well i talked to a KO and I received some clarification. There are these two main medical companies that provide a product for heart surgery supplies. The hospital chose to buy one product over the other in accordance with AFI 41.209 para 4.10 "To save a life" which they have authority to purchase a product without base contracting. They submitted a sole source letter after the fact one day from the emergency surgery. The issue is that it isn't a sole source since two companies provide the product. Because of that, I figured that FAR 6.302(a)(2) would justify it. "When the agency’s need for th
  6. The office has setup numerous BPAs with these medical companies but some of the products exceed the call limit. The reason they have to have replace the inventory immediately is that in the event of another emergency surgery of the same type, they would have the product on hand to rush into surgery with. I believe it is in the hospital's regulation somewhere. That I have not until now. This has answered my inquiry, I'll forward this information up. Thank you.
  7. Sorry I was in a rush, I had to head out of the office before re-reading my post or explaining it thoroughly.
  8. Part of my office's mission is to support a well known hospital for the Air Force. Hundreds of emergency surgeries are done at this hospital in which some of the products purchased are in excess of $25k with very little advance notice. Due to these purchases being emergency surgeries, the requirement cannot be synopsized as some patients require the product within the day. I was looking in FAR 5.202(a) for exceptions to synopsizing but I couldn't really determine any that fit. The closest that seemed to fit was FAR 5.202(a)(2) (2) The proposed contract action is made under the conditions descr
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