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  1. Thank you for the input. The FAR reference at 37.204 supports the arguement that the SSEB members should be personnel with the appropriate knowledge regardless of the agency. We were able to come to a solution that kept all parties happy without violating any regulations or laws. Thanks again.
  2. I note the difference in the question and clarified "must" instead of "need". I provided the agency information in case anyone does know VA policy and has advice specific to VA, however I'm not requesting responses only from a VA perspective.
  3. On a FFP type, Far Part 8 Best Value RFQ(in my office we don't designate LPTA or tradeoff when doing FAR Part 8), Source Selection must all the SSEB Members be from the PMO office? My thoughts: No, the SSEB Members must be personnel with the appropriate KSAs to be able to evaluate the quotes received. Special approval is only required if we want to use contractors to evaluate, which we do not in this situation. CO thoughts: If the person is no longer part of the PMO(they were employeed there previously and worked on the acquisition package), they should not be on the SSEB. I informed my PMO and they are asking for written policy or written guidance where this is stated. I work for the VA and our deskbook is silent.
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