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  1. jl - I prefer all the 8(a) contractors in a large room, and then the government program people can rotate from table to table to talk with them about their capabilities. we won't have time to schedule a bunch of one-on-ones, individually scheduled. This way the firms are all together (so perhaps they could even network among themselves, don't care if they do or not) and the program peeps can simply learn about each firm. Sort of like the old GSA Expo, except MUCH smaller and more focused.
  2. Thank you. I have been burned by allowing the SBA to select a firm before, so I would prefer to know of several firms that can do the work that we do and their capabilities so should a time come in the future, we have increased knowledge in this area. I really would prefer to have several companies tell us at once as opposed to a parade of companies telling us over several days/weeks, which is why I thought an I.D. would be perfect.
  3. The reason is to expand our knowledge about the capabilities of 8(a) companies in this field. It is not a presolicitation conference.
  4. Thank you... I don't know that a web-conference will work because this isn't about us telling them things... it's about us learning about the capabilities of companies out there.
  5. Thanks jl. I had some concern that if we did request the one-page statement and then didn't select a company, could there be any negative repercussions from that? I appreciate the prompt response!
  6. Situation: I am considering holding an 8(a) Industry Day for my regional office. It will be for 8(a) companies that work a specific NAICS that our organization uses. There is no specific solicitation or requirement on the street. We are merely interested in learning about companies' capabilities should a sole source 8(a) opportunity occur (which does about 2-3 times a year). Problem: Space is limited so we could can only permit a limited number of companies to participate Question; Is there a required process in order to assure fairness to allow/disallow companies to participate, or is "fairness" even an issue in this situation?
  7. The examples you list are different (imho) to the government formally giving out information to only a select few contractors. There is a reason that after questions are submitted in writing, the answers (and questions) are posted to FBO. In order to maximize competition and keep the playing field level (aka, fairness) I would not disseminate information this way. But that's just me... Now, having said that... I do see a way this can be done fairly by posting well in advance that the call would take place, and then follow up with posting the key points of the call on FBO.
  8. So how does the playing field stay level if someone doesn't attend the conference call but still wishes to submit an offer? Sometimes we do things because it's an appropriate way to do them.
  9. The same language exists in 52.217-8 and always causes issues as some feel that you have to wait "within" 30 days (or whatever number you put in the blank) to exercise that clause, and others feel that it has to be prior to that time frame. Legalese and English are not synonymous.
  10. Sadly, this is an actual situation. Multiple award IDIQ A&E services contracts.
  11. Lawyers appear to be on board with the "some" as well. Small agency, limited A&E experience.
  12. Everyone's assumptions above are accurate. It is a multiple award IDIQ contract for A&E services. We do a QBS competition where the most highly qualified firm is selected for task order award IAW 36.6, but as a task order also has some 16.505 applicability.. The "some" people in my organization feel that no contract, task order or anything can be awarded without being priced, period... I appreciate all your input. It has been informative.
  13. Don - I agree with you, but unfortunately that is the battle I am fighting (and losing). They won't allow unpriced anything.
  14. Sadly, it is not, but I appreciate the offer! I feel that if this were USACE, I wouldn't have this problem.
  15. That was one suggestion as well. But, like you, I find that clunky and unnecessary. Sadly, my lack of A&E knowledge puts me at a disadvantage in these discussions with the HQ peeps.
  16. They don't argue that there can be options... but insist they much be priced. They are really just going with the basic concept that any award has to have a negotiated cost/price (even if a ceiling) to be legal and binding.
  17. Agree on all points. They state we do not have the authority to issue a task order without pricing for all phases and options.
  18. Oh believe me, I have... They are sticking to the article in the original post that these equate to unpriced options and are therefore illegal. We are making selection based solely on technical, then reaching agreement on a fair and reasonable price for the first phase of work (there are several phases but the latter phases are undefinable at a level low enough to facilitate getting a cost proposal), but their contention is that we still have to get a full cost proposal for all phases upfront.
  19. Joel - 100% agree, but we have some in our agency that state that we still have to get a full cost proposal even though the nature of our A&E work contains several unknowns that make it impossible to price upfront.
  20. BTW - I have this in Contract Administration because I am discussing task orders on multiple award A&E contracts. The underlying contracts are silent on this issue.
  21. So if we do use options and the FAR does not apply, how does that affect the idea of unpriced options? Since cost is not a competitive factor in A&E selection, is the taboo on unpriced options applicable?
  22. So does that then mean that we cannot have ANY options in an A&E contract?? Seems pretty restrictive.
  23. Would it make a difference if it was A&E work where we award to the most highly qualified and cost is not part of the competition?
  24. I've utilized unpriced options in the past but recently a co-worker has raised that these were determined by GAO back in 1986 ( https://www.gao.gov/assets/150/144237.pdf ) to basically be sole-source contracts. Does anyone else use them? If so, what additional documentation do you include, if any?
  25. I was reading this below and a thought came to me. http://smallgovcon.com/gaobidprotests/price-reasonableness-vs-price-realism-the-gao-explains-the-difference/ I then did some cursory FAR research searching the term, "price realism" and found zero results. Plenty about "cost realism" but no mention of "price realism". Obviously it's a thing as you can see in the link as considered by GAO. I'm just curious if anyone knows where the term came up and if it is rooted in policy somewhere that I just can't find.
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