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  1. I'm working on a Contract for Electronics Recycling and Disposal. The Contractor states that they're unable to get their vendors/subcontractors (scrap metal dealers) to comply with the Service Contract Act because the industry doesn't allow for it. Although the Contractor (Prime) is willing to comply to the provisions of SCA, they are unwilling to accept responsbiltiy for the compliance of vendors they utilize. My question is when does SCA flow down to vendors utilized by the Prime? What if there is no agreement or contract between the Prime and their vendor, does the vendor still have to comply with SCA? What if the value of the work being done by the vendor(s) is less than 1% of the value of my Contract with the Prime (but still over $2,500), does the vendor still have to comply with SCA? Do you have any experience with applying SCA to this type of service? Did you run into any issues, or is this issue unique to this particular Contractor?
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