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  1. Work hard, play hard!

  2. Vern - you don't miss a thing, but I'm indirect and part of billings working the close out. This contract came across my desk last week from what I can tell so far, this is the tip of the iceberg. H2H - good advice. I think it would behoove me to check in with our compliance folks and see what their take is on it. I'm hoping it's all just an interesting data point that leads nowhere because the program folks have it all buttoned up and can send me the appropriate support docs.
  3. OMG - you guys are awesome! I'm going to try to shed some light FROM VERN: What was the contract pricing arrangement? Fixed-price? Cost-reimbursement? Time-and-materials? Other? >> Cost Plus Fixed Fee How, exactly, was the term "start date" used in the contract? Please provide a verbatim quotation from the contract. Since the answer to your question might turn on the contractual meaning of "start date," I need to know what it means, contractually. I need a quote from the contract. >> The one that's wrapping me around an axle. The only thing I can say is
  4. Vern, you're the best!! Haven't looked at 205-32 - that will be today's bathroom read. Contract type is CPFF, don't know the Ts&Cs yet - we're trying to locate anything that might shed some light on why costs were even eligible to be collected prior to CLIN start. For this contract, "start date" is used to describe that date upon which the CLIN would be effective for charging. Invoice was submitted after the CLIN start date for costs that were incurred prior to the CLIN start date.
  5. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! This is my FIRST POST HERE :-) and this topic might also be appropriate under CONTRACT CLOSE-OUT I have a contract that has costs which were invoiced prior to the CLIN start date. Normally this might raise a flag, but it's merely a data point at this juncture. I don't know if there are any pre-contractual agreements in place that mitigate the potential for a setback. What I'm really looking for are the CAS, FAR and DFAR clauses that specifically state that absent other contractual agreements, costs prior to start date cannot be billed to the customer. A
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