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  1. The Highway, by C.J. Box; a mystery; and The Lion's Gate, by Steven Pressfield, about the Israeli Six-Day War.
  2. 1. Favorite book: Last of the Mohicans, Cooper; 2. Favorite song: Bumpin' on Sunset, Wes Montgomery; 3.Favorite movie: End of Watch; 4. Favorite port: Tennyson.
  3. I have used these factors for several years. My projects are mainly road and building repair. The vendors are typically small construction firms. They are not essay writers. This approach makes it easy for vendors to develop a proposal. I use cost realism as an evaluation factor. I have worked with larger construction firms that wanted a project to keep their crews busy between other jobs, but typically if I receive an unrealistically low price it is because the offeror missed something.
  4. Almost finished with "Matterhorn" by Karl Marlantes.
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