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    38 CFR 74.4 and 13 CFR 125.10 both tend to concern the same things, but 125.10 (SBA) tends to be more forthright in what 'must' be and written more clearly.
  2. john.walters


    Thanks to all for the replies. I am more concerned about deciphering the SBA's version of determining control vs. the VA's version. they sound the same but are worded very differently so might not be?
  3. Do the VA and the SBA share definitions/regulations for their respective service-disabled veteran-owned business programs? Thanks.
  4. john.walters

    HUBZone decisions?

    Thanks, that is what I feared. Though I did not do the phone call bit (only the Westlaw and SBA site, and Google of course, searches). Thanks again.
  5. Are HUBZone decisions by the D/HUB or AA/HUB online anywhere? The decisions that are not subject to SBA OHA jurisdiction.
  6. john.walters

    Contractor option after no NTP for 2 years?

    Okay. Thanks for the responses!
  7. If a notice to proceed (NTP) has not been issued in over 2 years, does the contractor have the option to cancel the contract? Thanks.
  8. john.walters

    Mentor Protege Database

    Thanks to both of you for your replies. Topic closed.
  9. Is there any way to find online if a certain small business is under a mentor protege program with another business? Thanks.