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    Ethical Rule-Breaking?

    I'm coming to this fascinating thread a little late but would say that not adhering to acquisition regulations and policy seems to have become the 'in thing'. I typically hear of three key drivers that contribute to non-compliance occurring early and often. (1) New-bees being trained by Old-dogs and being led down the wrong path. They (New and Old) are not intentionally 'breaking rules', they simply don't know them and don't teach them and so the problem of non-compliance is perpetuated in the culture. Unfortunately automated systems help with this. (2) There are those in a position of authority who turn a blind eye to or request non-compliance because compliance takes time, eating into their lean workforce's capacity. (3) There are those leaders that cannot accept that non-compliance occurs and when it does, do not want it identified nor documented. Identifying non-compliance is scorned and often the non-compliance is covered up and not treated as a learning/teaching opportunity. Curiously, with all the various levels of audit, non-compliance is rarely identified.
  2. Strategy

    Contractor Employee Quality of Life

    I agree with the contract requirements and the supporting regulations and compliance points that have been presented. What I find interesting is that typically I've seen contractors afforded the flexible schedules, coffee breaks, and even the '59 minute' early dismisals that the Govt personnel enjoy. Could you seek employment with a different support contractor/contract where the restrictions currently imposed are not?
  3. Strategy

    Restructuring the Workforce: It is the right thing to do.

    You are absolutely right on with this line of thinking relative to strategic workforce management. What smart organization doesn't align it's work with skill sets and salary levels/pay scales? All too often GS-12 & 13 1102's are bogged down in considerable work that is ... per OPM ... appropriate for 1104s, 1105s, or 1106s. Consider this, would it be smart for a Contracting Officer to award a contract where the various labor categories ... i.e. clerical, technical, exectutive ... were paid the at the executive level hourly rate? I think not.