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  1. OCONUS Contractor Allowances

    I spent 7 years working in Saudi Arabia (in Controller and CFO positions for large contractors) and we proposed and negotiated both tax preparation and auto allowances for employees. No issues with either DCMA or DCAA. We provided vehicles so there were no opportunities for people to "pocket" allowances.
  2. I would think that if CAS applies to a portion of the contract and the contractor is otherwise subject to CAS then the "non-covered" portion might as well be covered as well as far as cost accounting is concerned. For example, we burden our commercial contracts the same way as our CAS-covered government contracts.
  3. Thanks H2H--that was basically my understanding as well. Performing G&A will be very small (a little accounting and HR support) so it isn't material.
  4. If a Government contractor has multiple accounting segments (each with its own Disclosure Statement) and they do business with each other, it is my understanding that the performing segment should include its G&A in its billing to other segments. No fee may be charged, but full cost through G&A is allowable. The "purchasing" segment (a Total Cost Input entity) would then add it's G&A to the cost when billing the customer. It has been many years since I worked for an entity with multiple accounting segments and I looking for any information that my understanding is not correct. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and any suggestions you may have.