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  1. Cancelation of a BPA

    Thank you for the information. I did a bit of research on the web and found this to be a general practice but wanted to be certain before moving forward.
  2. Cancelation of a BPA

    Yes, 13.3..
  3. Cancelation of a BPA

    The FAR, at least from what I can find, doesn't talk about cancelation of blanket purchase agreements. Is there a generally accepted practice for canceling them? thanks in advance for responses.
  4. Awarding SBIR Phase 1 as a Supply?

    A report wouldnt fit the definition of "property" as per this definition?
  5. Awarding SBIR Phase 1 as a Supply?

    Precisely. In a meeting with my Division Chief this morning I asked if maybe there wasnt something undesirable "someone" was trying to avoid. I did suspect that and I still do. Thank you both for the reply. And Don, we still miss you from CON 90. Do you still have your tshirt? I still have mine.
  6. What are you reading?

    "Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs", dont remember the author, but great read.
  7. Hello all and thanks in advance for the responses: My office is in the process of awarding four SBIR Phase 1's for a couple research and development efforts. The consensus from the top is they want them awarded as supply, however I dont see how this can work. Here is my rationale: -I started in the FAR and researched the definition of a service contract. Research and Development is listed as appropriate for a service contract. -Next I proceed to FAR part 35. A bit of backstory-- the rationale is since we are getting an end-product (a lengthy technical report at the end of 12 months) that constitutes a supply. However, in FAR 35.010(a) R&D contracts shall require contractors to furnish scientific and technical reports, consistent with the objectives of the effort involved, as a permanent RECORD of the work accomplished under the contract. I find it especially interesting the FAR says the final report is a record of the work and not the work itself. I believe this is key. -I also did a web search and looked at what other bases have done, both Air Force and Navy, and I cant find a single one without a service NAICS/PSC code combination (54--- etc etc). This would lead me to believe they have all been awarded as services. - We also queried the individual contractors to provide us with NAICS code information for the SBIRs. They all provided us with NAICS codes for R/D Services (54--- etc). If we were to award these as supplies, wouldnt I have to find a NAICS code/FSC code that provided for procuring a manual? I'm being somewhat facetious but serious at the same time. I'm not sure how we can "shove" these through as supplies. Thanks again.
  8. service contract extension beyond five years

    Thank you very much..
  9. service contract extension beyond five years

    No, I dont believe the current contract contains such a clause. I am doing some research into the matter because one of my COs is under the impression that 5 years is a magic number and that somehow we cant go any further. I'm still pretty new so I dont know all about this yet, so I'm researching and going through the FAR for answers... But I cant find anything prohibiting doing another 6 month extension..
  10. service contract extension beyond five years

    I'm not worried about competition.. We wont get a bid from them any time soon, then it needs to be negotiated.. so we are looking at months of work ahead. It is a concern about the time we have been extending the current contract. We are well beyond 5 years of current contract time. We want to extend it another 6 months. Basically I'm wondering if it's a problem to do so.
  11. Hello all.. So we are behind on recompeteing a service contract. It's been extended a couple times and is beyond 5 years. We were hopeful of getting the new contract in place on time but that's not going to happen, so we are seeking to do a six month extension, which will remedy the situation. Is there anything preventing me from doing this? We already know we are going with the encumbant contractor (NIB / NISH/ AbilityOne) because of statute/regulation. Thanks in advance..