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  1. Don't beat yourself up too much Leo, as most people are unaware of the costs associated with full time regular employees. I went through that at my former employer (defense contractor) who hired many consultants at $100 or more per hour. Some of the regular employees were being disrespectful to one of those consultants, so I showed them how much they cost the employer, including all the benefits, burdens and other costs such as SS, Workers Comp and employer matching taxes. Then I showed them what the contractor had to cover with his pay that they themselves did not have to worry about, and
  2. Any particular reason they do not know what labor categories they actually need? In my experience, that information was known, and many times the proposals had alternative categories based on the contractors reading of the solicitation package. To me, it sounds like the Program Office is either lazy or simply not creative enough to figure out what they need. Both are likely to impact the solicitation in a negative way, and in other areas, so tread carefully whatever you end up doing.
  3. In my workplace, several of the contractor personnel have been seeking government jobs as they perceive those jobs to be more secure. In my case, the biggest effect of the current environment is that contractors that are seeking or have government contracts are MUCH more responsive and agressive in their communications. I have yet to face any protests or claims as a result, but I believe that all of us in general may begin to see such a trend should this environment continue for much longer, which is likely in my opinion. No matter what they do in Congress, or from the White House, this e
  4. One thing that came to mind when I read this new Executive Order is that the new adminstration is giving with one hand in this case, but taking with the other hand. An example is something President Obama said in his inaugural speech: "The question we ask today is not whether government is too big or too small, but whether it works." The Washington Post had an article today titled "Federal Contracting System in Serious Disrepair", an article which says "The solution to fixing the broken system is not wholesale contractor cutbacks to reach numerical targets, but making sure we know what con
  5. A cardinal change not purely defined by the change in price. Such a change is when the prospective change is outside of the scope ultimately presented to the contractors to bid/propose against, and was subsequently incorporated into the contract. It is possible that the increase in price is not a cardinal change if it was contemplated in that scope of work. That could happen in cases where the work would be conducted in phases, where a small effort would eventually lead to a larger effort as the work progressed. This information is in accordance with my understanding of the FAR and my st
  6. The US Army ACA command and the Directorate of Contracting has a journeyman level of GS-11 as of a few years ago. That has created problems as those GS-11's often leave a year after they reach that level for GS-12 and GS-13 journeyman level positions. I brought that up a number of times at DOC Ft. Benning and they pretty much ignored it. Now I am with DHS in Dallas and the journeyman level here is GS-13. Seems they would figure that out, but then again the only people at Ft. Benning who come to WIFCON have already left or are not in the 1102 career field to begin with. Regarding the threa
  7. So long as you have met the minimum requirement for that ID/IQ contract, you should be able to seek other contractors for that service or product. I have seen it where the terms of the contract guaranteed that the ID/IQ contract holder would have first opportunity, but if their cost was too high we could seek other sources. And when the option year comes around for the ID/IQ contract, does your organization plan to execute the next option? Has anyone brought up the overly generous profit issue yet? And the time to prepare for a new solicitiation is alway now, regardless of when you will n
  8. The reason the MSMO contracts do not have the price for future options listed in the contract is that the contractor is allowed to inspect a vessel before work begins and then negotiate the price of the work based on the condition of the ship. There is enough variation in each vessel that even similar work packages can have a wide variance in price. If the Navy tried to pre-price the work, it would likely result in even higher costs as the vendor would have to assume each vessel was as poor as the worst in order to protect his company from losses. In addition, the actual MSMO work packages
  9. I always thought that RFQ's and RFP's were somewhat synonymous in that they were offers, as opposed to IFB's which were bids. RFQ's and RFP's are from FAR 15 while IFB's are from FAR 14, so perhaps perhaps an "offer" can be either a "quote" or a "proposal". Otherwise, we might have something called an RFO, or Request for Offers. I remember hearing that from one of my DAU classes, but I do not have all my course material here in my new office. Another good reason to invest in the Cibnic and Nash books, as I am sure this discussion is somewhere in their writings. I just got my first; Governm
  10. I believe the answer is A.) 2, however knowing a little about the two companies, that answer may not be true in the future as continuing protests may beget more protests!
  11. In my organization, the Program Office is responsible for writing the Advanced Acquisition Plan, but the Contracting Officer approves the document. I usually re-write at least a portion of the AAP's I receive, and the same goes for the Statements of Work, and just about anything else that comes in from the Program Office. I take responsibility for the whole process once the request is submitted, and carry that through to contract award. Post award is more difficult as we do not even see the invoices anymore when they are submitted or processed. I would like to change that, but I am not ha
  12. The way we have always done it is the right way to do it. Substitute just about anything for "it", including solicitations, contracts, DO's, etc. I often have said that anyone who uses that logic is guilty of felony stupid, but perhaps that is a bit harsh.
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