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  1. The Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program has been repealed. I was just on the SBA web site and noticed. It was repealed by Section 1335 of the Jobs Act of 2010, signed by President Obama on September 27th. It was effective October 1, 2010.
  2. dave9062

    IDIQs for A&E Services

    Joel. I believe that you and I are on the same page as it relates to the propriety of price competition in the award of task orders for A&E services under an ID/IQ contract. However, I see it happening and too often the firms are not aware that price propaosal are being competed OR they would not complain because it creates conflict with the agency doing the acquisition. In the specific situation I identified I contacted an agency representative at the national level and brought the matter to their attention. It would be far better for the agency to correct the problem instead of relying on a protest or a complaint to the Professional Society about the improper practice. Just thougt I would bounce out the issue for others to consider. I find too often that it is not a matter of what is right or wrong according the FAR, it is what some contract specialists (later CO) gets by with. Also in the same procurement I see they are using the SF-1449 form for the acquisiton and issuing SF-1449 as the task orders under the ID/IQ contract. In essence they are acquiring A&E services using FAR Part 12 commercial item acquisition procedures without the proper clauses as well as provisions. The sailing may not be so happy when they are challenged.
  3. I am finding several instances, looking at fedbizopps,where A&E services are being announced and the intent is to establish one or more awards under the IDIQ authority of FAR Part 16.5. Several agencies (to remain unidentified) are seeking price proposals from firms who have received awards under IDIQ contract. I believe the confusion comes when contracting personnel read FAR 16.5 and find there is to be a fair opportunity to compete for the individual task orders. HOWEVER, they fail to read that part of the scope statement allowing use of IDIQ for A&E Services, but they miss the exclusion which requires selection to be based on FAR Part 36.6. The A&E selection procedure requires consideration of the professional competencies of the firm. After firms have been evaluated a single firm is selected for contract negotiation. That is when price comes in (task order or single award A&E contract). I find this especially when contract are contemplated for Cadastral Surveys (maybe people forgot that surveying is now covered by FAR Part 36.6). If you have found this occuring, OR if you believe that competitive price proposals are permitted/required....please submit your comments.