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  1. I think so too. I can see where a single task order solicitation is issued to separate ID/IQ contractors, who are awardees, to compete. However, like the Federal Supply Schedules and other GWACs, one contract with multiple awardees works, using orders. The contract instrument is the order, which incorporates the applicable ID/IQ general terms and conditions. The order provides funding and CLIN(s) for payment and other contract admin mechanisms. I don’t know where my brain was yesterday. Another concurrent thread concerning a MATOC was confusing, There, contractor A
  2. Yes I understand now. An Order is the individual contract action or instrument under the base ID/IQ contract between the government and a pool member contractor. I can see why there could be a maximum contract limit for the ID/IQ contract and a separate max limit for each contract holder. Each pool member has a guaranteed minimum amount of the single ID/IQ max limit. Click! Light bulb on.
  3. Important points are simply that there is one solicitation and multiple awards (= awards made to multiple firms).
  4. I don’t think that it matters if you can make either method (one contract or multiple contracts) work.
  5. I’m thinking along the lines of databases - tying multiple, separate contractors under one contract number seems unwieldy for contract admin and referencing later. So, it can be done either way I suspect
  6. Yes. With a separate CLIN for each contractor, perhaps. That might be what the case language was referring to.
  7. Awfully complex contract admin if they do it that way. At any rate, as we have said before, the FAR is often ambiguous or poorly coordinated.
  8. I don’t know how many they awarded but each contract could have had provisions for coordination between contracts... or perhaps each CLIN was for an individual contractor?
  9. Vern, I found and posted 16.504 (c) while you were composing the above post.
  10. Ok: “ “16.504 ...(c) Multiple award preference- (1)Planning the acquisition.(i) Except for indefinite-quantity contracts for advisory and assistance services as provided in paragraph (c)(2) of this section, the contracting officer must, to the maximum extent practicable, give preference to making multiple awards of indefinite-quantity contracts under a single solicitation for the same or similar supplies or services to two or more sources.”
  11. Does each award to a pool member have a separate contract number. If so, (B) applies. If no, then it would seem that (A) applies. As a practical matter, I would thank it is administratively difficult, if not impossible to have one contract and one contract number with multiple contractors when dealing with contracting software programs, databases, keeping track of separate funding, DFAS, segregating writing and tracking correspondence, performance evaluations. etc. I don’t know the answer but highly suspect that each pool member has a unique contract number.
  12. The Army Corps’ Resident Engineers were Resident Contracting Officers (now ACO’s). RCO’s had limited $$ authority to sign mods for changes as far back as the 1970’s, when I was in the Air Force. Definitely so in 1980, when I joined the Corp’s as a civilian employee (today’s designation as ACO’s). The District Engineers (DE’s) and their Deputies , all Military Officers, were the Contracting Officers (KO’s**) for A/E and Civil Works and Military Construction contracting (today’s designation as PCO’s). The 1102’s were in “Procurement and Supply”. They were KO’s for services and suppl
  13. Prosperity are you asking about an existing solicitation or what the evaluation criteria should be? Another question- are you with DoD? DoD has standardized evaluation criteria and methodology for evaluating past performance and developing a confidence assessment.
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