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  1. Reviews, Clearance Approval Authorities, & Legal Counsel

    Clarify what you mean, please. Are you referring only to reviews within Contracting office? Or are you asking the value added by reviews outside the contracting office? if you think that the contracting office is self sufficient for those actions that require review, I disagree. Basic fact of life: the author(s) think they know what they are trying to say but they don't necessarily know what the receptor thinks it says.
  2. Reviews, Clearance Approval Authorities, & Legal Counsel

    Not today, perhaps later. Recovery from surgery and "other duties as assigned" prevent me from spending any more time to respond to posts for now. Sorry that you don't have an awareness of the value of reviews.
  3. I love ya, Vern. But if my choices are between following John Wayne and the other earthly references cited above or in following the Lord, I choose to follow the Lord (Joshua 24: 15). Pride is one of the deadliest of the "big seven" sins. I choose not to be too proud to apologize for offending someone. Actually, I had developed a list of other references in "another Book" of Jesus Christ's teachings on seeking forgiveness and forgiving, as well as The Word of "I Am" in the Old Testament and the Tanakh. But they got wiped out before I could post. I guess the evil one is trying to thwart me this morning. Probably the most succinct prayer instruction might be found in Luke 4:12 and Matthew 6:12 (paraphrasing "Forgive us our sins (trespasses, debts) as we (must) forgive those who sin (those who trespass, our debtors) against us"). ❤️
  4. I suggest that it would be good for everyone to take a deep breath and remember that written communications in emails and forums aren't as effective as direct communications. Even telephonic conversations are sometimes less effective than face to face, where you can "see" the nonverbal expressions. It's easy to quickly escalate a written debate in a forum. I remember a thread a couple years ago (but fortunately not which thread it was) where Someone and I were debating something and I decided to stop following it, because I fully expected a really hot, ass chewing response meant to offend me, that would have provoked me to bark something right back. I never went back to that thread. As Dr. Laura points out, what ultimate good results from such bickering, anyway? It's better to cool off and just walk away sometimes. Some folks here have a strong desire (need?) to have the last word, so I have decided to let it be that way. In the long run, it really won't matter. Word bites are often cryptic and acerbic and we might not have fully and calmly thought through how our post might be interpreted by others or what good will result from it. I freely admit that I am frequently guilty of such behavior and apologize for it 😳
  5. My suggestion would be to contact the GSA contracting office and ask. I would think that they should have some documentation of the basis of pricing. They supposedly evaluated it to determine that it was fair and reasonable. I wouldn't know of any other way other than inquiring of the contractor.
  6. ji, It is my belief, at least from reading the DoD Guide, that a "comparative assessment" as used in 15.305 (a)(2) meant not using a pass/fail evaluation standards for PP in a BV trade-off. Instead, use some type of comparative evaluation standards to evaluate EACH proposal and then make a comparative analysis between proposals. Paragraph (a) (2) falls under 15.305: .
  7. The following excerpt is from the 2001 "DOD Guide to the Collection and Use of Past Performance Information." It explains the difference between a comparative evaluation and a pass/fail evaluation. In both methods one must evaluate past performance against some criteria. I gave up trying to edit my previous post on iPad. Everytime i tried to submit, someone else had posted, freezing the edit 😡
  8. I was trying to edit on my iPad . No it is from the 2001 Version 2. I hate iPad. I hate Apple. Not for Dummies, I guess.
  9. Vern, et al. Thanks once again for clearly differentiating between "relevant experience" and "past performance". This is one of my pet peeves. A construction firm can excel at building houses, which is light, residential construction. But if the instant solicitation is for construction of an aircraft hangar (medium to heavy industrial), the firm's experience is not really relevant. It's past performance record, if using the DOD's evaluation criteria for assigning a "confidence rating" would be of low relevance of those type projects to the instant project, thus would not lead one to assign the firm a high level of confidence rating. I believe that certain organizations have contributed to the confusion by devising evaluation schemes that don't clearly differentiate between PP and level of experience, such as the Air Force "Past Performance- Price Trade-off" scheme, at least the one they were using a few years ago. That was one of my pet peeves. Indeed, I couldn't find in the Wifcon Protest pages, a separate category for experience, either. I may have missed it.
  10. Are you kidding me? Who is going to tell the patients thatt the hospital is closed 10 days a year?
  11. Yes. Their A330 MRTT variant tanker was already developed and in service with someAir Forces at the time thatBoeing won the second round of the competition a few years ago. EADs planned to build the initial 4 KC-45sin its A330 plant inDresden, Germany, while the Mobile, AL plant would havebeen underconstruction. EADs also planned to build an A330 factory in addition to the KC-45 plant in Mobile. They kept faith withMobile by later deciding to buildthe new Airbus A321 plant here. They finished it last year and began production last Fall. I thinkthat EADscould have already been delivering the first KC-45s to the USAF by now.
  12. What would be your objective is using a qualifications based 8( a ) selection procedure then negotiating the contract price,similar tothe A-E acquisition method?Lower cost than competitively negotiated? Not from my experience over the years. Faster award process? Not from my experience with both. My staff and I personally negotiated numerous sole source, 8 ( a ) construction contracts andconductednegotiated8 ( a ) set-asideand Disadvantaged Business set-asides, during an assignment in the early to mid 1990's.We had to hold many developing firms' hands throughout the acquisition process, then throughout the contract execution. Perhaps negotiating 8(a) service contracts is simple.