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  1. Of course, if you believe that the wrong NAICS code is assigned to this procurement, you can protest that issue.
  2. See, DFARS 252.215-7009 item 14 and Table 15-2 Section II A " For all items proposed, identify the item and show the source, quantity, and price. "
  3. I tend to agree with H2H unless there is something more such as the selected subcontractor being debarred or suspended.
  4. Retreadfed

    Contractor Request to Extend POP

    If the delay in performance is not the product of an excusable delay, what about a reduction in price or fee as consideration for not issuing a T4D?
  5. That seems to have been Sunstrider's biggest issue. However, my question is whether the identify of a subcontractor is cost or pricing data that must be certified? It certainly would be relevant in granting consent to subcontract post-award.
  6. Retreadfed

    Assignment of Claims and Power of Attorney

    I am retired from the Federal government and now work in the private sector. However, some issues I see are what is the precise language of the power of attorney? What is the law of the state that governs your transaction with the contractor in regard to powers of attorney? What language is in the contracts regarding assignment? What specific objections to the COs have to recognizing the assignment? What have you done to alleviate their concerns?
  7. No, I correctly identified the section I had in mind.
  8. Retreadfed

    Assignment of Claims and Power of Attorney

    In addition to what ji wrote, we only have your opinion that there is a valid assignment. We have no way of knowing whether that is true and whether you have been able to demonstrate the validity of the assignment to the various COs.
  9. Sunstrider, can you state in what way you believe the prime contractor has failed to comply with FAR 15.404-3?
  10. Those same limitations are included in the SBA's rules.
  11. Xanadu, you need to read FAR Subpart 1.4 for a discussion of deviations. Any agency can issue a deviation to the FAR in order to accomplish what DoD has done in regard to the limitation on subcontracting. The official FAR is found at https://www.acquisition.gov/. Also, look at title 48 of the Code of Federal Regulations for the codified version of the FAR as well as agency supplements. The FARsite contains the FAR, which is applicable to procurement contracts awarded by covered Federal agencies. As a convenience to its primary users, i.e., DoD contracting personnel, the FARsite webmaster annotates the FAR with DoD deviations. As Joel stated, deviation material is printed in blue.
  12. Retreadfed

    Exempt EE's working LESS than 40 hours

    Not so. The FLSA applies to non-contractors as well as contractors. Thus, any employer can establish what it considers a standard work week for its exempt employees.
  13. Retreadfed

    Exempt EE's working LESS than 40 hours

    H2H, note that I did not say that contractors are using a 35 hour work week. I said "employers" are. Amazon has done this for some employers. I think Ben and Jerry's has as well as some tech firms and universities.
  14. Retreadfed

    Exempt EE's working LESS than 40 hours

    If the employees are exempt from the FLSA, the employer can set any number of hours it wants as the standard work week. I know of some contractors who have a base work week of 45 hours for exempt employees. Similarly, some employers are cutting the base work week to 35 hours.
  15. Thank you. Do you know what the WBENC policy is about accepting amended birth certificates and whether SBA concurs with that policy?