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  1. A quick question, how will such administration be done in light of FAR 7.503(c)(12)?
  2. Since we have a problem of definition, perhaps you should ask the sub what it means by "CPFF LOE."
  3. ji, I don't understand your response. I said I generally agree with what you had written earlier. I was referring to the quote from ji that I posted above.
  4. MSW, are the services considered severable or non-severable?
  5. General, maybe I am slow on this, but what is the problem you are trying to solve?
  6. ji, I generally agree with you on this. However, for MSW's benefit, could you elaborate on whether your answer is based on government contract law principles or fiscal law principles?
  7. The invoice is for $294. I wonder how much money the government is spending trying to get this resolved. I am sure it is many times the amount of the invoice. If the ordering officer knows that the amount is due, someone should figure out a way to get it paid, perhaps through an imprest fund or credit card. This seems a case of the government being penny wise and pound foolish.
  8. Maka, you did not say that you complied with FAR 52.232-1 and 52.232-25. Also, the fact that you delivered product does not necessarily entitle you to be paid for it. Your entitlement to payment usually arises from government acceptance of the product. Your failure to get paid may be your fault.
  9. kb, in regard to your question concerning government oversight of this type work, here is what FAR 52.246-2 says concerning supply contracts which this appears to be The Government has the right to inspect and test all supplies called for by the contract, to the extent practicable, at all places and times, including the period of manufacture, and in any event before acceptance. The Government shall perform inspections and tests in a manner that will not unduly delay the work. The Government assumes no contractual obligation to perform any inspection and test for the benefit of the Contractor unless specifically set forth elsewhere in this contract.
  10. I don't know why it would not be a contract for commercial items under these facts. However, that is another issue. What inspection clause is in the contract?
  11. Just because you get a breakdown of the elements of the hourly rate doesn't mean you ignore the reasonableness of the hourly rate as a whole.
  12. What do you mean "skipped over"? In any event, the rules that apply to a prime proposal, e.g., responsiveness, do not apply to proposals from potential subcontractors unless the prime says they do.
  13. Why are you worrying whether the profit is a reasonable amount instead of focusing on the total hourly rate? The determination you have to make is whether the price is fair and reasonable.
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