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  1. I solicited pricing from my prospective suppliers to respond to a government RFP. Specifically, I solicited subcontractors for their CPFF rates so we (i.e. the prime contractor) could include those in our response to a government solicitation under which we are seeking a prime contract. This contract is currently pending award. We anticipate being issued a CPFF ID/IQ contract (most likely a multiple award ID/IQ) from the government and then responding to individual competitive task solicitations under that prime over the next 5 years. The problem and the reason for the question in the original post is that I do not know exactly when we will issue tasking to the subcontractors. As such, I think their then current rates and even the labor categories that the subcontractors may propose at the task order level will differ from what was included in our response to the government solicitation for the prime contract. Thus I think the price analysis should happen then. Note that I do have an analysis of the rates we bid as it is a requirement of the solicitation and our own policies and procedures that we provide one. IT just seems confusing to try and use that at the task order level when the pricing and labor categories have changed. That's why I'm a huge fan of the BOA idea. I don't know what labor categories or rates a supplier will bid until we get to the task order. It seems like a waste to do all of the analysis at the master agreement level when these components are unknown. I do not think there is any reason to set the cost in the BOA itself. I'd prefer not to if it could be avoided. I'd rather establish and analyses costs once the actual piece of work is identified and I receive a task order proposal from a supplier for that piece of work.
  2. I am a subcontracts administrator working for a contractor. I am interested in issuing CPFF Basic Ordering Agreements to subcontractors. I anticipate issuing task orders under these BOAs sometime within the next 5 years. At what point do I have to complete a cost analysis? Do I have to complete one before I can issue the BOA or can I wait until I have actual pricing from a subcontractor for a task order and complete the price analysis at that time? By virtue of my contract type being CPFF, I am inclined to think a price analysis is not needed until actual tasking exists. I say this because it appear to be futile to analyze a list of possible rates when the BOA is issued if they are simply going to change prior to the issuance of tasking. The rates will undoubtedly change and I will have to reanalyze the cost at the task order level. Thoughts?