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  1. Hi Jamal, Thanks for your response. I've read these sections, and while it says Micro-Purchases maybe awarded without soliciting competitive quotations it doesn't explicitly waive the requirements in 11.105......I guess unless because 13.2 says "Micro-purchases may be awarded without competitive bid" waives the requirement......struggling here
  2. Is a Brand Name Justification required for a purchases under Micro Purchase Threshold?
  3. FFP Contract for construction in Country A required products be transported through Country B. Country B refuses shipments to Country A for an extended period of time. Firm incurs storage and additional trasportation cost. Is firm entitled to an equitable adjustment for additional cost.
  4. Is there a requirement to update clauses after release of a solicitation and before awarding a contract. If so, would this update require an amendment to the solicitation and revised proposal?
  5. Can a Government Agency purchase from a Military Base Exchange Overseas?
  6. This is Great stuff! When the Titans of Wifcon go at it everyone wins! I always learn something or when I logon!
  7. Yes, funding would be seperate with annual appropriations funding the options for maintenance.
  8. If you have a requirement to replace escalators can you add line items for Maintenance Services (w/option years) following the completion of the construction? While it seems to mix two types of contracts, it also seems to make sense from managing risk of future maintenance and servicing cost. I would think if an installer knew they were going be responsible for the ongoing operations and maintenance they would use greater care in the initial execution of the installation.
  9. Thanks for the response CajunCharlie. I think you got to the heart of why I asked, because so much of this process is electronic these days I was thinking the "killing trees" impact would not be as significant and the tidyness of a clean revised version of the original would make for clearer final contract. The thought of initialling every page including exhibits, drawings and specs of a large construction job is kind of scary, but I bet you've never had any issues with version control.
  10. When amending solicitations I have traditionally included a summary of the changes and attached replacement pages where the solicitation changes. Most cases, realistically, these changes screw up page numbering on the solicitation. Is there any problem with listing a summary of the changes and just including an attachemt with the revised solicitation with the changes clearly marked?
  11. Thanks for the response. I guess there is no harm, the problem comes when they've gone to a large contractor and asked for a price without considering that the requirement will need to be set aside and once all the required clauses go on (construction) the price will most likely be higher and a guy that had no chance of getting the award has been led down the path of thinking he had a shot.
  12. New to an agency and I'm getting SOW and estimate from program staff. When I talk to them about the requirement they say they have gotten estimate from a particular vendor and "this is what it should cost" and we should probably go to this vendor. When does market research by the program staff draw the line and how should I articulate to these folks the proper process, or should I just elevate it and have their managers talk to them ( I suspect the manager is in full support of getting estimates prior to involving contracting.
  13. 8a is awarded an IDIQ for a base and 4 option years. In year 2 the firm graduates from the 8a program. Can optional years 2,3 and 4 be awarded if the firm is no longer in the program?
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