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    Restructuring the Workforce: It is the right thing to do.

    "1102s should be doing complex contracting work, such as strategizing, writing or editing statements of work, analyzing risk, writing plans and special contract clauses, writing proposal preparation instructions and developing evaluation factors for award, advising evaluation teams and reviewing evaluation documentation, performing tradeoff analyses, developing pre-negotiation objectives, negotiating prices and equitable adjustments, resolving claims and disputes, writing final decisions under the Disputes clause, determining cost allowability, negotiating data rights, and developing solutions to contracting problems." In my agency, doing this type of work is reserved only for "special people" or Contracting Officers. So if you are a junior contracting specialist the chances that you would get this opportunity is very remote. So what are you left with...clerical duties until you become a GS-14, then you've hit the big time. But what becomes the issue? These GS-14s then have no clue what they're doing...the agency is then back to square one trying to hire more GS-14s to cover the lousy ones they have in house.
  2. The Government is trying to find a "clean" way as possible to get out of this contract without leaving a bad stain all around especially for this "very" small business. The thought is if a T4D or T4C is carried out it may ruin the prospects of the small business from receiving any future work in the Government since this market is very small. Now I know this should not at all factor in to the Government's decision but the Government feels that converting the Requirements contract to an IDIQ and not ordering any more since the minimum has been fufilled will save everyone the long ardous process of a T4D or C.
  3. A 5-year Indefinite Delivery Requirements Contract was awarded September 2008. This contract has experienced delays and operational issues with the deliverable. The inital delivery order was for seven items, the agency inspections and acceptance has occured on the first six items however the items have not been able to operate successfully in the field unit. The seventh item is still in the manufacturer's facility and has neared completion and while an order for an eighth item was placed a stop work order was issued for both the seventh and eighth item. Our engineers have determined that they no longer want anymore of these items and now the contracting office is looking for the best way to severe ties with the manufacturer. One of the dilemma is since the original contract is a requirements contract and the government is to purchase ALL requirements from this vendor, can we change the contract to an IDIQ, since the initial minimum of seven has been fulfilled there are no more obligations. Is this possible to do?