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  1. If one has a cost reimburseable contract with the CIA for research and development (and if anyone has done business with this agency, you will know they are anything less than willing to explain themselves when they administer contracts, you can't even get the prescriptions for their agency specific clauses they insert) and one purchases equipment under said contract, but there is no Government Property clause, or anything else that addresses equipment, the allowability of the purchase of said equipment, or who owns title to the equipment, then who owns it? I might add that permission was sou
  2. I recently read an article by Kate M. Manual, who is a legislative attorney for the Congressional Research Service (the congressional think tank that writes information and policy papers for federal review, it helps them make decisions, basically) in which she describes several types of contracts as described in Part 16 of the FAR. In it, she describes ID/IQ contracts as "providing for the contract to deliver goods or services to the procureing activity at future dates unspecified at the time of contracting." For basic ordering agreements, she says they are used " when the procuring activity
  3. For those of you who have been in federal contracting a while....... FAR 52.219-9 says "the offeror, upon request of the contracting officer, shall submit..." a subcontracting plan prior to the award. That plan is to be included in the resultant contract. The clause is to be inserted into contracts in which (for my organizations purposes) the contract amount is expected to reach $650K or higher. However, we have several contracts in which the CO inserted this clause, but awarded the contract without requesting the plan, therefore one was never inserted into our contract. (I realized this s
  4. I'm wondering if a clause is inserted into a contract, yet never enforced by the CO, such as 52.219-9, is the university still liable to comply (in this case, have a subcontracting plan on file that we can show proof we've followed.)
  5. I'm a contracts specialist at an educational institution, and we are grappling with a question about compliance. We have FAR 52.219-9 (Small Business Subcontracting Plan) inserted into various federal contracts. I see that as part of this clause, "The offeror, upon request by the Contracting Officer, shall submit and negotiate a subcontracting plan". Later, the clause indicates that this plan will be made part of the resultant contract. My question is this: If the CO never requested the plan, never made it part of the agreement, then is the University still out of compliance if we never
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