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  1. Thanks Vern. I would normally request certified cost and pricing data when I receive both price increases and price decreases that would collectively exceed the dollar threshold in FAR 15.403-4(a)(1) but in this case there is not a proposed increase or decrease in price. I understand that there is a "value" associated with the clause change (For example: the "value" of an extension in delivery schedule is a reduced risk of being late on delivery) but is the contractor required to assign a dollar amount to each of these term and condition changes in order for them the "certify" to the cost and pricing? And, if the information is based on assumptions and "what if" scenarios, is that considered "certifiable"?
  2. Is ?certified? cost and pricing data required when terms and conditions are bilaterally modified in a contract (i.e. delivery schedule, warranty) and adequate consideration has been received. It should be noted that ?cost and pricing data? was provided but not certified because it included many assertions of judgment vice fact. Thank you.