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  1. I think the FAR is stating a necessary condition for exercise of an option, but not exactly a sufficient condition. In other words, if there still is an existing need, the contracting officer may exercise an option, but I don't see that he or she is required to exercise the option at that point.
  2. Well, funny you should ask. I've been wondering about this very situation in another context. This is sort of a reverse A-76 issue (I believe A-76 actually only applies to contracting out work previously done by government employees). I know there are legislative proposals in the works to limit an agency's ability to do this. However, I'm not sure whether there is anything in place right now. I have a vague recollection that there may be some provision, perhaps in an appropriation or authorization act, that says something about DOD not competing with small businesses. (If there is such a provision, I'd love to have someone give me the reference.) Other than that, I'm not sure you would have a problem with not exercising the
  3. I wasn't aware there could ever be a risk to the government for not exercising an option unless the services are still required or the option in question is somehow tied to the pricing of the options that were exercised (which seems rather complicated). Of course, a complicated government contract would not come as a complete surprise.
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