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    Washington DC
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    Everything in government contracts, but particularly bid protests both at GAO and the Court of Federal Claims.

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Based on my experience in government and corporate positions as well as private practice, I focus on contract litigation against the U.S. Government, primarily bid protests before the Government Accountability Office and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. I also have also dealt with the U.S. Government procurement process and related policy matters, contract issues involving U.S. state and local governments, U. S. Government regulation of international business, and international contracts, as well as a wide range of transactional and litigation matters.

I have served as an Assistant to the General Counsel of the Navy and Associate Counsel, Naval Air Systems Command and as in-house counsel in several departments of the General Electric Company, with responsibility for all legal matters. I have conducted contract litigation in the administrative tribunals, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and the District of Columbia Superior Court. In addition to providing counseling on government contract matters, including grants and leases, to a number of the clients, I have participated in due diligence exercises for corporate sales. I have represented clients in commercial business matters, including such matters as sale of a business, drafting of commercial procurement and sales contracts, dealings with foreign sales representatives, drafting corporate policies, standard contracts and forms, negotiation and drafting of agreements for international and domestic transactions, and corporate compliance reviews and compliance structuring.

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