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  1. I?m new to the contracting career field and in need of help on writing a POM to support the recommended position and objective position. I was told that the technical evaluator(s) are responsible for providing the both positions of minimum and maximum, so it can be used in the POM to specify the recommended and objective position. I guess the words are interchangeable, min/max vs. recommended/objective, so I?m not too hung-up on the words, but not clear on who is responsible for providing the objective (maximum) position. I read the FAR Part 15, but it seems unclear and appears to be this is one of the gray areas for using the KO?s discretion. By the way, this is a noncompetitive/sole source procurement situation. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  2. KT Administrator

    Protest Expenses

    I have the two following questions in relation to a protest by an unsuccessful offer and/or contractor. 1. When an unsuccessful offeror/contractor files a protest, the protest case is sustained and the contractor is recommended to submit certified claims for cost and the government is in a position to reimburse the filing cost including attorneys? fees, what agency is responsible to provide this fund. Is it RA (Requiring Agency/Element)?s responsibility or Contracting Agency?s responsibility? 2. Also, what year fund should be provided in terms of the contract award year funding or protest release year funding? If the contract was awarded in 2009 and the protest was dismissed in 2010, what fiscal fund is appropriate to mitigate this issue? Thank you in advance for your input and advice? KT Administrator
  3. If anyone has experience on renewing a contract that was previously awarded to an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) under 8(a), please share your experience with me. My office currently has a contract with an ANC for base operations including O&M support and logistics. The contract is getting ready to expire and my office is in the process preparing a follow-on requirement that is currently performing by an ANC. I wasn?t sure if we can go back to the ANC as a sole source or do we have to process as a full and open competition. It appears to be we could go back to the incumbent contractor who is an ANC, but wasn?t sure. Does 8(a) program time limits of 9 years applicable to this scenario? Please enlighten me. Thank you.