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    52.216-8 Fee Withholding Question

    Right. What I was referring to as "direct bill" were the vouchers that are not sampled by DCAA.
  2. 1102newbie

    52.216-8 Fee Withholding Question

    I know I'm late to the party, but I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. There is no way for DCMA to "do the withhold" in the way you are talking about. Vouchers are paid by DFAS, usually directly by them with only a random voucher reviewed by DCAA once in a while. The voucher could be submitted and paid before DCMA would have a chance to review it. The PCO should have included instructions in the contract on how the withhold will be done, along with the withhold percentage. As others said, the clause is "no more than 15%", but KOs seem to always go with 15%. When no instructions are provided in the contract, then it is up to the ACO to provide them. They could either tell you to 1) withhold 15% for each fixed fee payment starting with the first payment (or not more than $100,000 of the total fixed fee), or 2) bill the full fee until 85% of the total fee is reached. Instructions on how to submit an interim voucher showing the fee withhold is included in DCAA's "Information for Contractors" manual.
  3. 1102newbie

    Oh no, here comes another 1102...

    One year later.... Well it has been one year since my original post. It has been an interesting year to say the least. I assure you the advice has not fallen upon deaf ears. I have learned a lot, but also realize there is much more to learn.
  4. 1102newbie

    Contracting Officer Testing

    See http://www.calbar.ca.gov/Public/Pamphlets/...ingALawyer.aspx number 7. Essentially, if you go to an ABA-approved law school, and you have at least two years of undergraduate study, you can be exempt from this exam. Otherwise, you must take it. This exam is often referred to as the "Baby Bar." Back to the OT, why go through the extra work of an exam for a warranted officer? What about the work that is currently being performed? Contracts, contract mods, PNMs, etc, so many things out there that can already be "graded."
  5. 1102newbie

    Oh no, here comes another 1102...

    Thanks for the great advice. Yes, I will be with the DCMA . I can see that I have a lot to learn (and a lot of reading.) However, I'm excited to be working in Federal government and enjoy the challenge of learning something complex.
  6. I thought I would just say hello. I was recently hired as a 1102 in the Keystone program. While researching about the contracting profession, I found this site. Any words of advice for someone new like myself? What to do, or what not to do?
  7. 1102newbie

    Dissertation research topic search

    Hello dwgerard, I'm a new 1102 (I start next week as a Keystone), so I don't have any topic suggestions. However, I am a PhD ABD close to finishing my dissertation. My advice is try to get your topic as narrow and specific as possible. A lot of PhD students try to take on something that is just way too much and they end up never finishing. Remember, your objective here is not to try to save the world, but to graduate! There will be plenty of time to save the world when you are done. I take it you are already working in the contracting workforce? What is your motivation for getting a PhD? Are there opportunities for PhDs in contracting? Good luck with the PhD!