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  1. I am reading Out of the Rain by Debbie Macomber, a fiction book.
  2. What books would be good for increasing your knowledge and developing your contracting skills? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. Has anyone ever done a termination for default for a small business? This is a cost reimbursable contract. The contractor notified us that their doors were closing so we issued a cure notice and the contractor responded that they have ceased operations and do not want to cure the contract. They will not be doing any more work on the contract because the employees have been terminated. Is there anything different that has to be done because this is a Small Business set aside? What would be the next thing that needs to be done, a termination for default letter?
  4. I am in DoD. Does it have to meet all three of these, i.e. severable? This contract is non-severable.
  5. Can someone tell me where I can find guidance on incremental funding and Firm Fixed Price, Level of Effort? Initially, we were going to do the contract as a Time & Materials contract but have been told that we can no longer do T&M contracts. I read FAR 16.207 and believe that this type of contract would work in the place of the T&M; however, the customer plans to provide funding incrementally. Is this really incremental funding or is it phase funding, is there a difference? This is a non-severable contract, if that helps. I have been looking for guidance on this topic and cannot find what I am looking for.
  6. DCAA does not want to do an audit for such a low price. This is a FFP but our agency requires us to do spreadsheets to verify the information so that we can determine if we need to negotiate.
  7. 1. I have been wondering about the relationship myself. I was able to get a copy of the contract from DCMA and am not sure why the contractor did not want to provide it. Maybe since he is new, he only has the one other contract, he does not understand how contracting in the government works. 2. DCAA could not verify the rates and suggested DCMA who also could not verify the rates but could provide a copy of the contract. 3. It is a FFP contract and for our POMs they want all this information in there. Thanks
  8. I am working on a SBIR Phase I POM and trying to verify labor, fringe benefits, overhead and G&A rates. I have requested verification from DCAA and they cannot verify the rates because they do not have any information on the vendor. I requested pay stubs but what was sent to me is not complete. I asked if they had any other government contracts and they said that they had an Air Force contract. I asked for the contract number so I could contact the Contracting Officer to see how they verified these rates and the vendor will not give me this information. Does anyone know of any other way short of a DCAA audit that I could use to verify these rates.
  9. I was checking to see if any other 1102 had ever had this as a Request for Information asking this question and if there was a response that would be appropriate. I have never seen anything like this and my technical people said that RFI is not one that they would answer.
  10. I have a question that has been asked. We have a solicitation for a construction contract and the question asked is as follows: Are there any employment restrictions? Are registered aliens permitted to work on this project? I think I may have found the answer. My solicitation has FAR 52.222-54 Employment Eligibility Verification in it so they can check the DHS web page to see if the person is eligible.
  11. Yes, FAR Part 36 procedures were used for the procurement? The contract has been awarded and it is a Firm Fixed Price contract.
  12. I have a hypothetical question regarding a Design Contract and RFP. The contractor comes back to the agency and says that he forgot something that was in the RFP. The contract asks, "What can you do for me?" What does the agency do in this situation? Re-negotiate or what?
  13. This was enjoyable; needed something like this after the day I had yesterday. Thanks.
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