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  1. If the work is under both SINS use those firms. And do protest will ensue especially is you have kept the buy secret. Only those three or more you have selected to compete should know there a solicitation.
  2. For as long as I can remember I have seen scads of synopses daily at FedBizOpps (and the old Commerce Business Daily) for commercial items and services clearly available on GSA Schedule (Federal Supply Schedules). 8.002 requires the purchase be made from a schedule (if available) before going to "commercial sources" (open market). These are not buys exempted by the priority system in 8.002 in the name of national security or national emergency. How can this be? What am I missing? GSA schedule competitions are not required to be posted at FB0 so it is a pretty secret process. Are Agencies
  3. Vern, that was a major reason for me retiring from 1102. It came to the point that clerical, data entry, and automated systems capability became the success factors almost to the demise of thinking, planning, researching, and using good business judgement. I suppose one could say the same for the clerical capability in the pre internet/database days. The procurement and financial database fiefdoms reign supreme. And that's why we need top quality 1106s -- to offload as much as possible.
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