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  1. This is issuing a Modification to the contract (sole source) incorporating/exercising FAR 52.217-9 after having issued a Modification exercising FAR 52.217-8. No objections?
  2. Use of FAR 52.217-9 after use of FAR 52.217-8. I know FAR 52.217-8 is usually used to extend the contract while new one is being procured. However, can FAR 52.217-9 be incorporated and exercised after extending the contract with FAR 52.217-8 as long as it is done timely. I don't see anywhere where it indicates it cannot be done. It really would be circumstances out of the norm if at all. I did not see any case for it.
  3. I have received various new requirements over the SAP and would like to use existing BPAs. In the existing BPAS I had incorporated that Calls could be placed above the SAP. The Test Program FAR 13.5 no longer applies but it is my believe that as long as the BPA is active it can be used. The BPAS are agreements but the terms and conditions have not been changed between the parties. If a new requirement is received that no existing vehicle can be used then I would use a method of procurement other than FAR 13.5. Any comments?
  4. Why would you need to increase in order to exercise? Time?
  5. I have a similar contract for security. The Contractor patrols inside as well as some of the perimeter. What the Government and contractor does is coordinate with the local police. The Contractor can detain under the authority of the director or designated appointee for the area for appropriate investigation and disposition. The Contractors wears a complete uniform.
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