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  1. Milwcontractspecialist

    FFP Contract Allowable Rate Increase

    Thanks everyone, I was able to get a hold of the GSA contracting officer. The contracting officer explained to me that GSA's contract hourly rates are loaded (all inclusive). Therefore the contractor's proposal for the change order work should not include additional fees for overhead and profit. The contractor has revised their proposal removing the additional fees.
  2. Milwcontractspecialist

    FFP Contract Allowable Rate Increase

    Good morning, The contract is firm fixed price, one line item, unit of issue one job. The contract called for the contractor to load, transport, and unload 1733 vertical office file cabinets. The SOW states that the contractor shall unload the file cabinets IAW the directions of the onsite government project manager. The change/added work required the contractor to mark floor lines for the alignment of the file cabinets. This preparation work was not included in the SOW.
  3. Milwcontractspecialist

    FFP Contract Allowable Rate Increase

    Vern, The contract does contain the changes clause.
  4. Milwcontractspecialist

    FFP Contract Allowable Rate Increase

  5. Milwcontractspecialist

    FFP Contract Allowable Rate Increase

    Good morning Vern, Good to hear from you, the contract does not contain the changes clause, but I would like to make the contractor whole for the extra labor associated with the out of scope work he completed. I'm really concerned about the labor burden, if the contractor is triple dipping (is this overhead already included in the hourly rate, plus separate line item for this o/h, and another line items for project o/h). This contract was awarded off the contractor's GSA schedule. Thanks for any help that you can provide.
  6. Milwcontractspecialist

    FFP Contract Allowable Rate Increase

    Good morning, I think it's an uauthorized change because the change was not approved by the contracting officer nor was the contractor given a change order prior to the contractor completing the work. The contract states that only a duly appointed contracting officer has the authority to change or alter this contract, weather or not any other government employee informs you of work intended to be done, prior to completion or termination of the contract. Thanks for any help that you can provide. I'm really concerned about the labor burden, if the contractor is triple dipping (this overhead is included in the hourly rate, and seperate line items for project overhead).
  7. Good Afternoon, I awarded a FFP comericial Item contract using FAR Part 8 proceedures. At the direction of the governments onsite project manager the contractor completed an unauthorized change to the contract. The contractor has submitted an REA, and a cost break-out for the additional work completed. The cost break-out includes a line item for labor burden at 52%. The contractor has also included an overhead and jobsite support rate of 10%, and profit rate at 10%. Question number one, can a contractor request an EA against a FFP contract that doesn't contain an EPA clause? Question number two shouldn't the contractor negoiated GSA pricing already contain direct/indirect overhead and G&A (labor burden)? Thanks in advance
  8. Wouldn't you know it the LA position for my agency is vacant. Veterans Affairs (VA), Department of The Agency Labor Advisor position for the Department of Verterans Affairs is currently vacant.
  9. Navy Contracting 4, thank you for the information. You are correct, the service division completed the acquisition without consultanting the contracting office. Now that contracting is involved I'm trying to clear it up.
  10. Thank You for all your help and for taking the time to provide a answer to my post.
  11. Thanks Vern, this is a case where the service center procured services without including the contracting officer from the begining. Now that the contractor has requested an equitable adjustment, I'm trying to sort this mess out. Thanks for your reply I fear that we may have to pay the contractors request.
  12. Thank you for your replay.
  13. Good afternoon Navy Contracting 4, The contractor's proposal was for a base plus two option periods (the proposal included escalation for the option periods). I've reserached archived DOL WD, and it looks like for the base period the Government did pay prevailing wages, but not for the option periods. The contract period of performance was from 10/1/06 - 9/30/09, the contractor filed a Request for Equitable Adjustment on 8/5/10. The questions that I have is there a time limit for filing a REA and is it the sole responsibility of the Government to provide the contractor with revised DOL WD. I've checked the FAR, GAO, DOL and 29 CFR 4.5. FAR 52.222.43 and 44 state that the contractor must submit an REA within 30 days of being notified by the Government regarding increase or decrease to wages, 29 CFR 4.5 states within 30 days of the DOL decision of wage violations. I would greatly appreciate any insight or help. Thanks,
  14. The contract does include FAR 52.222-41 and 52.222-43. The contractor was not forced to pay back wages, the contractor claims that this was noticed during and internal investigation and they made the decision to pay back wages.
  15. Has anyone ever had a case where the contractor has requested equitable adjustments citing the Service Contract Act. The contractor's REA states that the Government did not provide Department of Labor Wage rates at the begining of the contract performance or on an annual basis. Therefore the contractor did not pay his employees the prevailing wage rate. The contractor is seeking an adjustment over a five year period (2005 through 2009). The contract is complete. Thanks