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    Are you kidding me?

    Vern, If you think that is bad you should read DHS Acquisition Alert 13-12 "Measuring and Reporting Cost Savings"
  2. NoNonsenseKO

    A Simple Training Exercise

    I live a hopeful life. My first government job was in state government. Pretty much everyone started off as a Contracting Officer I and progressed over time to a Contracting Officer III. Whenever we got a new trainee, the supervisor would schedule time for the whole staff to sit and do a complete review of the state procurement code. Now, granted, it was a heck of a lot shorter than the FAR, but we would each have a printed copy and we would go through it section by section, page by page, and some of it (the really iimportant stuff) sentence by sentence. We didn't do it in a day, but finished within the second work week of the new employee. We would take turns reading sections outloud - including the trainee - and then discuss it in manageable parts. That was invaluable not only to the new person, but a great refresher to the other folks who started to think they know everything. The supervisor is now retired and living in Vegas! This is in contrast to my current supervisor who "made me" do a 16 page award memo for a GSA buy (supervisor was "level above" approver). I fought a good fight - but finally just gave up.
  3. NoNonsenseKO

    A Simple Training Exercise

    Fabulous idea - and would be beneficial not only to the trainee but a good refresher to the "seasoned" specialists in the office who never got proper training in the first place. But I would venture a guess that not many supervisors would take the time to provide this type of meaningful on the job training to any employee - new or old. It would take time and thought - and I just don't think many supervisors think they have time in their busy day and would rather send employees to someone else to train. I hate to sound like a pessimist, but it's the sad truth.
  4. NoNonsenseKO

    A Cheap, Showy Gesture

    If OMB really wants to increase competition it should address those complaints by telling agencies to simplify their source selection processes, including selection procedures for task and delivery orders. AMEN! I can?t tell you how much I agree with that. I recently awarded several IDIQ contracts against GSA Schedule contracts. Because of the dollar value, they required ?level above? approval - meaning my supervisor. By the time I was done with the award memorandum ? acceptable for ?level above? signature ? I had an 18 page document. EIGHTEEN PAGES FOR A GSA SCHEDULE BUY! And it took me about 6 months to award. Nothing has ever taken me 6 months to award (until I had to get ?level above? approval). That is just nuts (or is it just me)? I fussed, and argued and discussed the need for such a lengthy document, but in the end I was told that we (meaning I) needed to adequately justify my award decision so that it could be defended in case of a protest. Honestly, I am not worried enough about a protest to justify an 18 page award memo for a contract against GSA Schedules. I would say that I am dealing with an Agency anomaly, but I don?t think so. I was told once, in response to a draft Determination and Finding that it was too short - that ?more is generally what the agency requires.? That is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. There is a WIFCON Discussion I have in my favorites called ?Lacking the Simple Gene.? I know a few people who need to read it. I haven't been with this Agency very long and have thought about leaving. But I'm not so sure it won't be the same most anywhere else I'd go - unless I get lucky.