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  1. 1. Completing my degree. 2. Waiting to complete my degree. 3. Getting out of my comfort zone and trying something different.
  2. And to follow up on what Vern wrote, are you sure your quantities won't change? I wholeheartedly agree with the preference for an IDIQ JUST in case anything changes.
  3. jewettr

    How competitive are 1102 jobs?

    Milkenhiem You can review some information at http://www.secnav.navy.mil/rda/workforce/pages/nadp.aspx as related to the Naval Acquisition Development Program (NADP); we have both NADP and Marine Corps interns at our office. They are two similar but slightly different tracks; if you'd like to message me, I can provide more details. But you'll definitely need to concentrate on a business degree and maintaining a high GPA. Let's be honest, if someone is truly receiving "hundreds" of applicants, one of the easiest ways to weed out total strangers is by reviewing their GPA. Due to our inept hiring process, in many cases by the time we see an offer letter go out, folks have already accepted positions elsewhere. Bottom line, if you're worth your salt, and in this area, moving up is not difficult.
  4. jewettr

    How competitive are 1102 jobs?

    And where you're willing to go. For example, someone looking to start at Moody Air Force Base will have very few options when it comes to advancement. However, the northern Virginia/DC area is a different story. Where I work, an "intern" may start off at the GS-07/09/11 route for three years. Based on your limited post, it's impossible to provide a more definitive response since we're not clear on your entire situation.
  5. jewettr

    page limitations on proposals

    What scares me is the possibility of adding a #7. The Government already knows who they want to award to and are only going through the motions. If proposals are intentionally vague by minimizing page counts, it's easier to justify and thereby select the "winner".
  6. jewettr

    Happy Birthday, Bob!

    A belated Happy Birthday Bob! Thanks for all your time, effort, and dedication to making this a high quality site!
  7. How about: https://acc.dau.mil/CommunityBrowser.aspx?i...〈=en-US Randy Jewett
  8. jewettr

    The Contract File

    Bob, Excellent insight! I hope you don't mind if I forward this information to my team members. It's not to justify my being anal, just to make them realize there's a reason to be anal! Thanks, Randy
  9. What about something along the lines of this? Assuming it?s a flat discount: Publisher ?A?: Prices from $X.00 to $X.00, minus X% discount the price is $X.00. Prices from $XX.00 to $XX.00, minus X% discount the price is $X.00. Prices from $XXX.00 to $XXX.00, minus X% discount the price is $X.00. Publisher ?B?: Prices from $X.00 to $X.00, minus X% discount the price is $X.00. Prices from $XX.00 to $XX.00, minus X% discount the price is $X.00. Prices from $XXX.00 to $XXX.00, minus X% discount the price is $X.00.
  10. jewettr

    warrant question

    My personal opinion: Display that warrant with pride! Let all the other 1102?s see it when they walk by; force them to raise their level to the standard you set! Pay increases and titles will come later when positions open, you?re promoted, and they?re not. When I received my warrant years ago, the increased responsibility, personal pride knowing that my skills were noticed, and respect of my peers was pay enough. Just my two cents worth . . .
  11. Without having all the details, I?ll just point back to this: FAR 31.201-2 -- Determining Allowability. (a) A cost is allowable only when the cost complies with all of the following requirements: (1) Reasonableness. (2) Allocability. (3) Standards promulgated by the CAS Board, if applicable; otherwise, generally accepted accounting principles and practices appropriate to the circumstances. (4) Terms of the contract. (5) Any limitations set forth in this subpart. You say, ?Let's assume that they are not required by any Government contract, and may or may not concern goods/services associated with Government contracts.? If they?re not required by a contract, and not associated with a contract, again, without all the details, I?d be inclined to say they?re not allocable and therefore not allowable.
  12. jewettr

    Service Contract Act

    22.1003-1 -- General. This Subpart 22.10 applies to all Government contracts, the principal purpose of which is to furnish services in the United States through the use of service employees, except as exempted in 22.1003-3 and 22.1003-4 of this section, or any subcontract at any tier thereunder. Without more details, my read would be that a portion (that which is furnishing services in the U.S.) would fall under SCA; the portion performed outside the U.S. would not fall under the SCA. The big question is trying to determine which portion is and isn't. And please keep in mind, when I was stationed in Panama, we also incorporated host nation requirements into our contracts.
  13. jewettr

    Where Were You On September 11, 2001?

    Interesting exercise; as usual, I?m a few days late and a dollar short. I was still active duty Air Force at the time, stationed at Moody AFB in GA. As was the trend here, after the first strike the TV went on in the conference room. And as events unfolded, we all knew our lives as Americans changed forever. I was dumbstruck when the second aircraft hit ?live? and more so as word trickled down that the Pentagon had been hit, as well as the aircraft in Pennsylvania. I was currently scheduled to deploy to Oman, as a matter of fact, my passport was at the Pentagon for the visa stamp. As a former member of the Security Police (prior to the Security Forces merger), I could relate to the changes in security posturing happening throughout the country. Eventually, I wound up in Qatar supporting OEF, thankful that no matter how insignificant my part seemed at the time, I was at least able to contribute. As a postscript, after retiring, I moved up to the D.C. area and began working in support of the Pentagon Renovation Program Office. I inherited the contract for the Phoenix Project, closing out the final punchlist items. To this day, when I?m at the Pentagon for unrelated projects, I can?t help but to think about that day.
  14. jewettr

    No New Task Order

    FAR 17.207 -- Exercise of Options. © The contracting officer may exercise options only after determining that -- (2) The requirement covered by the option fulfills an existing Government need; Without all the details, it sounds to me that there is no longer an existing need.
  15. My two cents worth: You stated, "I say the construction project is clearly out of scope. The PMO wants to have the ANC manage the construction project, eventhough the PMO can't provide sufficient requirements, and the ANC originally said the project was too risky for them. Now procurement wants to seek SBA approval and modify the contract for the new work or award a separate contract to the ANC for this construction work. " On top of what formerfed stated, the above has me concerned as well. If they feel it's too risky, and they've gone on record with that, a change order sets everyone up for failure. If they have problems, they point to the Government. If we have problems, they point to the Government. If I was in your shoes, I'd be doing everything possible to treat this as a new, stand alone requirement.
  16. jewettr

    Metics of performance question

    Rather than reinvent the wheel, you may want to contact some folks that have already been through this. Have you checked FedBizOpps? I did a quick check on ?translate? and received multiple hits, including FA4885-09-R-0005 . Maybe phone or e-mail the POC and see how they overcame similar issues; maybe they did or didn?t consider them but it?s worth a shot. Randy
  17. jewettr


    Orion, You don?t specify either the contract type (see FAR part 49 for other considerations, based on various contract types) or whether your T4C is ?Termination For Convenience? or a commercial contract and ?Termination For Cause?. I?m not an expert on terminations but I certainly don?t want to assume one or the other. I?d recommend reviewing part 49 for starters. As buyerman mentioned, at a minimum, your first step is dealing with the prime. Keep in mind, the Air Force has privity of contract with the prime, not with you. Randy
  18. I'd vote for an A.)2 as well . . .