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    Can a Notice to Proceed be issued on a Service contract? If not, then would this be a Letter Contract? The reason for the question is because our office had a requirement for lodging and meal for a covert training exercise for one of our military units that was deploying. A Notice to Proceed was issued by the Contracting Officer, which is no longer with our office. The dollar amount is $23K. Funding was available, the funding document could be seen in the system and the funding document had been released. The contractor had to update their information in the System of Award Management to reactivate their cage, which was verified with DLA. However, the process that normally takes up to 7-10 business days took almost 2 months. The current Contracting Officer is refusing to sign the contract claiming this must go up to the PARC, because it is over $10K and ratification must be completed. Any advice would be appreciated.