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  1. DFARS 213.301(2) states that individuals with proper appointment may use purchase card to make a purchase exceeding the micro-purchase threshold up to $25K under certain conditions. My agency also allows appointed purchase cardholders (and use the card as a method of payment) to place FFP orders against FSS and IDTCs up to the SAT or the maximum ordering threshold (whichever is lower).
  2. Photographic Composition: A Visual Guide by Richard Zakia and David Page. Great read for aspiring photographers. Does anybody have recommendations for photography?
  3. We have Parts Expeditors in the Navy. In my 8 years as a Storekeeper in the Navy (now called Logistics Specialist), we deal with Expeditors most of the time. CASREP which stands for Casualty Report may require repair parts which are high priority requirements. Absence of the CASREP parts will degrade the ship's ability to perform its mission. Contact information for CASREP Expeditors in the Navy can be found here: https://www.navsup.navy.mil/navsup/ourteam/navsupwss/prod_serv/support/csg/casrep_expeditors Govt Civilian LSR's (Logistic Support Representatives) assigned to a particluar ship act
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but JTR applies to DoD personal services contract employees per JTR para C1001(A)(1)
  5. You may be right, CON 090 may be a waste of time to people with experience but not everyone is on the same page. Newbies and interns will benefit from this class. The CON 090 I have attended was a great eye opener to the world of contracting. Also we were not told to check with our bosses or KOs if they are doing something that does not agree with the FAR. We were told to check all information presented to us by anybody to challenge and verify it with the applicable law, regulation, executive order, policy etc.
  6. I agree with here_2_help. Just adding another reference as per JTR Vol II Chapter 4 para C4550, "The per diem rate is determined based on the traveler's TDY location, not the lodging location."
  7. Vern, What do you advice to 1102s who are having or will have the same problem as JML? V/R MP2009
  8. For DFARS users, the DoD 5025.1-M (DoD Directives System Procedures) states the use of helping verbs in DoD Directives, Instructions and Publications: Helping Verbs - Degree of Restriction Must, shall - Action is mandatory. Should - Action is required, unless justifiable reason exists for not taking action. May, can - Action is optional. Will - Is not restrictive; applies only to a statement of future condition or an expression of time. Do not use in place of "shall."
  9. I think your two philosophical questions are reasonable questions but you can not accept the opinions of the SMEs here at WIFCON. Maybe because you already have a decision and your sticking to it. But on the other hand, I have to admit that I learned a lot by reading this thread.
  10. As a former Cardholder, AO and APC for over 10 years in both active duty and civil service, I agree to formerfed's advice on sharing the information to cardholders and all personnel involved. But most of all, be involved with the program. Conduct your own audit, sit down and watch an actual certification, and network with other GPC Coordinators.
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