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  1. Today, I have partial FY2010 monies (RDT&E-98% of total funds) funding and (O&M-2% funds) for COTS software installation, training, and license buy. The requirement is to be a firm fixed on GSA schedule (w/ BPA orders). Can I use the RDT&E funds of FY10 to cover this commercial buy in FY11?
  2. Dear WIFCON, Has there been some new policy that invokes Contractor Employers to not pay their contractor employees when the government shuts down? Please let me know. As I recall,government contractors (those working at government site) have been paid for shutdowns due to snow, ice, 911 and other safety based issues. And as for that matter we definitely did get paid for the days not worked during the couple of weeks of furlough earlier, when the Gingrich-led House of Representatives was playing chicken with the Clinton White House. Can someone inform me if there is a policy in place that makes my Contractor Employer thinks he is justified to not pay me for the recent government closures, even when the military base (where I work) would have barred or locked me up for coming to work. thank you
  3. Since it was dated 2003, I thought perhaps some regulations have changed. Have there been changes that would address my question?
  4. We are planning to award a service contract with Ops & Maintenance funds for Aircraft maintenance, etc services for a period extending 5 years. Would a 5 year base with 2 (2.5) years options be permissible? Can we go beyond the 5 year limits of the SCA? The current contract is 10 years and the requiring agency anticipates 8-10 years of performance period. thank you for your responses in advance.
  5. The current contract is a 5 year base with 2 (2.5 yr options) totally 10 years. I was concerned about the 10 yr limitation requring congressional reporting, which expired last FY 09m, if that had any impact. I'm told I may have to do a one base with options and not a 5 yr base with incentive/options. I thought the 2010 NDAA had new language. I could not find.
  6. Does the expiration of the 10 year limitation (Section 813 of NDAA) for Multiyear Contracting (Congressional Reporting Requirements-FAR 217.171) at 30 Sept 2009, affect decisions to enter a Service Contract for Aircraft Procurement (O&M) for 10 years? I am trying to find language whether statutory or legislative in nature that conveys current updates to the requirement should a contract exceed the 10 yr limitation mandating congressional reporting for appropriations. Does someone know any revisions in the 2010 NDAA or elsewhere? Should I be thinking of a one base year plus x number option years? Thanks
  7. I have read the FAR, DFAR and AAFARs Parts, Subparts on IDIQs and Options, Options on schedule contracts and non-schedule contracts. My question: Is there a specific policy that is current that speaks to the requirement to use the base and 4 options years instead of the 5-year order period for task/delivery orders? Please advise and I greatly appreciate any advice and/or direction quick. I, of course, am trying to find specific policy language in the FARs that speaks to which way...is the policy now; is it 1 plus 4 option years or is it still the 5 year timeperiod? Thanks
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