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  1. JOANN DAVIS, an individual; PAUL CILLEY, an individual, Plaintiffs-Appellees, v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; NORMAN CONLEY, Defendants-Appellants.
  2. Secretary of State, Sir Michael Fallon, has today announced three new missile contracts worth a combined £539 million for state-of-the-art Meteor, Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) and Sea Viper missile systems at MBDA Stevenage. See
  3. There was an article in the Washington Post today about industry being invited to tell the Administration what regulations needed to be revised and appealed. Here is a set from the The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). On p. 8 of the AGC document they briefly discuss contract regulation. On p. 12 of the document they write about specifics. Much of this is contracting. Any discussion.
  4. Our 4,500 approved registration should be made about the end of April. There is a monetary award that goes with this approved registration.
  5. now has over 4,400 approved members. When we reached the approved member 4,000, I notified the member of the monetary reward for that registration. It took me a few PMs to convince that member that it wasn't a gag. I plan to notify member 4,500 of another monetary reward when I approve that registration. I'm hoping that if I announce that there will be such an award to member 4,500 beforehand, I won't have to send so many PMs to member 4,500. It should be about a 1 to 2 months from now for the 4,500th approved registration.
  6. I've noticed the absence of FACs and FAR cases in this administration so I researched my spreadsheet for CYs since 2000. Since then, there have been several years when there were no FACs issued in February and March. In the case of OFPP and the FAR Council, the new Administration may still be getting their feet wet. I started writing the note below the underline but I never finished. I have to leave now but it may interest some even in its incomplete state. ---------------- In the prior Administration, OFPP memos had its own web page here. As you can see, the new Administration hasn't posted anything yet. OFPP was mentioned briefly here and it seems they are just hanging out or laying low. As you can see, the Administration found OMB and lists mission 2 as procurement related here. When this Executive Order came out I noted Section 3 (c) and wondered what the FAR Councils would be doing.
  7. Please identify the meaning of your acronyms--ISR and SSR.
  8. I am analyzing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2017 and I am on section 822 of the bill. I have added the changes the bill will make to the current law in bold italics. This new section changes parts of 10 U.S. Code § 2306a - Cost or pricing data: truth in negotiations. What do you think of the language used for the changes? The change directly below in (a) only adds the bold italic phrase. The change directly below in (b) crosses out the current language and adds the bold italic language. At the end of (b) a new section is added below. The House and Senate conferees explain that the purpose of the changes are:
  9. Here is another contracting site that I hope gets fixed. Of course, it needs some appointments.
  10. That's right. The site is from the previous administration. However, for the first time this Administration recognized that OMB is made of offices, and linked OFPP. I assume, now that they have found OFPP, they will update the site as its own. These are small steps but it takes time to figure where things are at. The OMB information is still poor but they are finding things. Progress is progress, even if it is slow. The prior Administration had eight years to manage the White House sites and get them working.
  11. The Administration has now found OFPP.
  12. Pepe: Some of those wonderful people are visitors here.
  13. This will be on the Home Page tomorrow morning. However, I thought I would link it here now. Look at all the players and their friends. General Revenue Corporation; Account Control Technology, Inc.; Williams & Fudge, Inc.; Performant Recovery, Inc.; Collection Technology, Inc.; Alltran Education, Inc.; Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp.; Van Ru Credit Corporation; Global Receivables Solutions, Inc.; Progressive Financial Services, Inc.; Automated Collection Services, Inc.; Gatestone & Co. International, Inc.; Sutherland Global Services; Delta Management Associates, Inc.; Allied Interstate LLC; Collecto, Inc. d/b/a EOS CCA, B-414220.2; B-414220.3; B-414220.4; B-414220.6; B-414220.7; B‑414220.8; B‑414220.9; B‑414220.10; B‑414220.11; B-414220.12; B-414220.13; B-414220.14; B-414220.16; B-414220.18; B-414220.19; B-414220.21; B-414220.22; B-414220.23; B-414220.24; B-414220.26; B-414220.27; B-414220.29; B-414220.30; B-414220.31; B-414220.32; B-414220.33; B-414220.34; B-414220.35; B-414220.37; B-414220.38; B-414220.39; B-414220.40; B-414220.41; B-414220.42; B-414220.43; B-414220.44; B-414220.45; B-414220.46; B-414220.47
  14. Here is how you use this site for contracting regulations. 1. Every day, you go here. Home Page. 2. What appeared in the Federal Register over the past 2 years or so. Rules & Tools. 3. What happened to the FAR in the past 17 years or so. FAR Research. All brought to you for free by the advertisers on [You may find that I miss things at times.]
  15. Take a look at GSAM 519.502-70 Review of non-set-aside determinations.
  16. Many here do add court case citations, regulations, etc., when they write a post. However, often they do not add the link to the source. It is very easy. For example: U. S. Constitution. To link to a page with that document go to the source and copy the url. Highlight the text you want to link--in this case U. S. Constitution--and then click the little "chain link" symbol between the U and the " mark. Drop your url into the url box and voila--you have a nice clean post. After you submit your post, the link will become active.
  17. There are current bills to perfect the procurement process at DHS and VA. Later this year the NDAA will further perfect DoD and whatever other agency that may get caught up into the bill. Currently, there are more perfections being proposed for SBA programs and Buy-America provisions. Its only 3 months into the 115th Congress and Congresses run about 24 months. We're not even talking about budget perfections, such as continuing resolutions, that have already been made or are in the future. Now, we have a new Administration appointing agency regulation busters who are going to perfect the acquisition regulations. Maybe the FAR Councils will get involved. For years, new Congresses and Administrations have been kicking around the procurement rubble left by previous Congresses and Administrations. Its just part of the Procurement Perfection Process and it will never stop and it will never improve anything.
  18. The commission was the 1986 Packard Commission. So it is 31 years ago. The starting page is p, 44. Have fun reading it. Remember GAO came late to the party in 1921. You can read paper after paper, study after study, commission report after commission report, etc. This one provides the quote above and is entitled: The Ghosts of Acquisition Reform Past,, Present And Future. 1996.
  19. There was one of the many studies in acquisition that explained this in a very similar fashion. It was a multi-volume and I think it had a red cover. I may even have it around here somewhere. Let me see if I can find it. Its about 30 years old--I think.
  20. I have reopened all polls except for the one entitled: H. R. 5472's Calculation of Cost Savings Resulting from Competition. In the future, I will check to see if this bill, or a similar bill, was reintroduced in the 115th Congress.
  21. Format When you go to the Poll category, you will see the Start New Topic button. Click it to get started with your Poll. After you clicked, the Poll tab will be to your right. Use the Content tab to discuss your poll and use the Poll tab to conduct your Poll. Filling out the Poll After you clicked the Poll tab, you will see a box with Poll Title. That is not your question. However, it will lead off your Poll so make it similar to your anticipated Poll question. Underneath that, you will see a question Make voter names public? Leave that blank for an anonymous poll. Then you will see an Add Question box. Click that to go to your Poll question. Ask your question in the Question Title block. There will be 2 other blocks for possible Choices. Those Choices are the answers you will give members to choose from. You can add more choices, if you want. The final block will be for multiple choice questions. Fill it in only if you want a multiple choice Poll. Marketing 101 To get a response to your Poll, Dumb It Down! You are marketing your Poll to other members and you must convince them to respond. Keep It Simple! If other members cannot figure out your question, your Poll is DOA. Forget the complex questions! Now, on to your Choices. Remember, this is the age of brevity. Don't try to conduct a discussion through your Poll. Try to get a response to your Poll by providing simple Choices. The best choices are Yes or No. Polling, is an art. Your goal is to get responses from individuals who do not have to respond--and that is difficult. Make them want to respond and see the results of your Poll. Success or Failure Determining success or failure is easy. The success rate for a Poll is about 1/2 of 1 percent of registered members or 20 responses. That is pathetically low. If your Poll cannot achieve that, it will be banished from the Poll area. Now, what is real success? Suppose you get over 20 responses and you get several replies to your post that you provide with your Poll. That is as good as it gets. You made it! You are a Pollster.
  22. Back in the 1990s, GAO was cut by about 30 percent. The result? Its productivity increased and it issued more reports! At about that time to cut costs, GAO reduced its number of regional and sub-offices. One of its cost-cutting moves was to eliminate the Albuquerque sub-office and move its members to the Denver regional office. The Albuquerque work was done with Denver staff on tdy. You guessed it. That staff was the former Albuquerque staff because they had the required clearances. I would have had the former Albuquerque staff work at their homes instead of incurring travel costs. After all, even then, electronic connections with the home office was in place. Classified matters, if necessary, could have been handled at the agencies being audited.
  23. Thank you all for continuing to add to your category. Although the under 29 group is on the lower side, the structure as it now stands is amazing to me. I thought it would be lopsided.
  24. seeks users of all ages and it must cater to all ages. I've placed your responses into 5 groups. Please click the age group in which you are included. The purpose of this poll is to attempt to provide you with a better experience. This is an anonymous poll so your display name is not shown with your vote.
  25. For those that view the Home Page, they will see something nearly every day.