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  1. I posted an issue from the current protest last night. I think I have all the protests correctly. I linked the decisions that mentioned a history of the pro-venture (my new name for the adventure of successive protests) I believe the current NDAA has a section where someone may conduct another study. I think the work has been provided through bridge contracts while the pro-venture continues.
  2. bob7947

    Business Development

    Corduroy: Could you explain how another supports his/her belief that business development should be overhead?
  3. bob7947

    Critical Thinking

    I posted it to the Home Page for you last night.
  4. bob7947

    SAM Scam

    Although well known now, SAM is being hacked for data. That too has probably been going on for years.
  5. bob7947

    SAM Scam

    Why is this here? The link says 2016. What is the source of the video?
  6. H2H: No! However, the 128 page document is from 2009. That's a long time ago when Netflix was in a differnt stage of development. I wonder what it looks like now. I don't think it is possible in the general government environment. However, there may be exceptions but they are probably hidden from public view.
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    New Article

  8. From the user statistics for Wifcon.com, here is what I see: Usage of this site is reduced on Mondays and Fridays. Information on government websites is reduced on Mondays and Fridays. Fewer decisions and opinions are issued on Fridays. You can imagine what happens near holidays. The use of flexible schedules has had a clear effect on the government. The work isn't reduced, it is concentrated in fewer days. I took advantage of the flexible schedules too because the 2 hours it took to get to and from work were a waste of my time--and I was inside the beltway. I found that I could do more at home than I did at work. When pressed for time, I stayed home to get it done. My position is simple. If one's work allows a worker to stay at home and has no detrimental effect on the work, the employer should let the employees stay home and do the work. There is no need to move federal offices outside of the beltway as some political hacks suggest. A presidential candidate lost the White House because he didn't know how to text and didn't realize that the world had passed him by. That was a long time ago, already. I've worked for a virtual company and I've seen incredible profits earned by virtual companies owned by friends. People in my generation want to hold onto brick and mortar even after it has proven to be a burden. As shopping centers, movie theatres, and paper newspapers close down, Amazon thrives and continues to innovate. It's not just happening here, it's happening around the world. We can yip and yap about the value of flexible work hours but that is old news. I know there are organizations still behind the times. My advice is to look for an enlightened employer and seek employment with them. Who knows, maybe you can start a virtual business of your own. Some day, you will walk into your home office, turn on the office with a switch, and seamlessly begin communicating orally and visually with your counterparts. A few of us may be there now but I am not one of them--yet.
  9. bob7947

    Wifcon.com: My Legacy; My Albatross

    This month, Wifcon.com is 20 years old.
  10. Randy: I haven't either but I'm still working at it.
  11. This link takes one to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, Policy Directive, 2/24/14. If that one has been revised, let me know.
  12. bob7947

    We Cannot Explain Our Requirements

    General: What is the expected dollar value of the procurement? How long to expiration of the current contract? Just for laughs, Who approves the contractor's invoices? Was this item truly developed by the contractor, and if claimed so by the program, how do they know? Who evaluates the contractor's performance? Edit: I added #3 about 30 minutes after I wrote the original text. I won't look at this topic again.
  13. You posted your question during the weekend on Saturday and your second post was on Sunday. Although some members respond on weekends, most respond on work days.
  14. bob7947

    A Hiring Challenge

    I closed this topic and converted it to a poll with the same name. Whether you have anwsered them or haven't answered them, please complete the poll so Vern can have a complete poll. You can add any comments over there.