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  1. This is a 38-page advisory opinion. I will post it on the Home Page--in its usual place--tonight. However, I'm off to a 2-hour Tang Soo Do class now. Fluor Intercontinental, Inc.--Advisory Opinion. Edit: This November 2019 opinion was just released to the public today.
  2. Today, GAO has returned to the old format on its web page. All the perfections have been removed. Maybe they have temporarily withdrawn the effort until it reaches its highest state of perfection. (I know there are no degrees of perfect but rubbing it in is so soothing.)
  3. Here ia a letter from the Professional Services Council about Beta.Sam.gov. You need to click the one line on the page to download the file.
  4. Don:

    Is the job that was posted here still open?


    1. Don Mansfield

      Don Mansfield

      No, you can take it down. Thanks.

  5. During the past week, GAO has built and published a new web site. Unfortunately, the authors appear to have broken the links to their decisions, reports, etc. It appears this is affecting decisions from mid-2019 that are posted on Wifcon.com. I don't know if they are planning to relink their decisions or not but it will take some time and complaining to sort this mess [aka as a government perfection] out.
  6. Here is the latest article entitled: Amazon wins injunction in US 'Jedi' contract fight. She [the COFC judge] also ordered Amazon to set aside $42m for costs if future proceedings found she was wrong to have issued the injunction.
  7. Here is another article. This one from Bloomberg entitled: Inside the Nasty Battle to Stop Amazon From Winning the Pentagon’s Cloud Contract.
  8. I've found another article by Steve Schooner entitled: Enhanced Debriefings: A Toothless Mandate?
  9. I found this article on Fortune Magazine about the JEDI procurement. It is entitled: Why Amazon wants to depose President Trump about cloud computing. It may be of interest.
  10. It's 5 PM Eastern, the vote was 8 remove it and 2 keep it. I will now begin removing the post.
  11. Jacques: Taking a different approach, you can ask why are there so many dismissals in disputes over contracting officers' final decisions? See the CBCA and then you have to click the decisions for ASBCA. You figure that out. The Courts can overrule the Boards and then overrule each other there too.
  12. the protestor is seeking COFC to review the agency's override decision
  13. First look at 4 CFR 21.6: Withholding Award, Suspending Contract Performance, Override of Stay, Injunction B first got a CICA stay to stop work; which the agency defeated with its urgent and compelling and public interest talk to continue work; then B wanted to continue stoppage of work and went to the COFC which could stop work. The COFC has 4 thresholds it reviews to issue an injunction. It doesn't take an injunction lightly. In my scenario, It found something wrong with the proposal evaluation and determined an injunction was needed to stop performance. I'm assuming it did find that something. A could appeal the COFC opinion to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit which could overrule the COFC opinion and knock down the injunction. At first, I was trying to find a way of defeating Contracting Blackmail. I couldn't eliminate the possibility in it entirety because of the COFC. Then you have the CAFC that can reverse the COFC. This is absurd. In the real world time is money. The longer B has avenues to stop contract performance, the more B has the possiblity of someone paying him off to go away and withdrawal court action. I've been a proponent of removing the courts from hearing bid protests. This seems to support their removal--if my scenario is possible. With GAO only in the bid protest arena, a CICA stay is granted until the GAO decision. If GAO denies the protest it's over. The agency can still ignore the stay and continue performance. There just won't be anyone hearing protests over the stay.
  14. In 1991, there was a bill in the House to amend FPASA and report on Contracting Blackmail. It passed the House and died in Senate. Other than FASA, I didn't find anything else.
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