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  1. Joseph: This is the discussion board. Your blog entry was posted to the blog area. Please don't post blog entries here.
  2. U. S. Civil War Discussion Forum

    If anyone tried to register on my Civil War site and was not over the age of 55, you couldn't. I forgot that was there and eliminated it. There are no age restrictions now.
  3. U. S. Civil War Discussion Forum

    Remember Ambrose's river crossing at Fredericksburg and his slaughter of his troops trying to reach Mayre's Heights. And then, his Mud March. But he did tell Congress he wasn't the General for the job. When my dog Ambrose, named after that Union general, was alive I never mentioned Fredericksburg in his presence. If anyone tried to post something before this morning, I didn't realize I had set the topics incorrectly. I fixed that and it is possible to post.
  4. Wifcon.com: My Legacy; My Albatross

    Last month, Wifcon.com entered its 19th year.
  5. U. S. Civil War Discussion Forum

    CO1559: Don't use the citations that Vern provided. Both are abridged versions of some part of the Official Records. They can only provide a hint of what to know. On the Civil War site, I have provided citations to the complete: War of the Rebellion, Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. (We all call them OR of the Armies or OR of the Navies.) In truth, you must search through the Official Records . . . of the Navies too to check if there was any participation from them. These 2 government publications are about 200 volumes of details. That's about 200,000 pages for a start. Go to my Civil War site and click Some Basic Documents. The first link provided is to the Official Records of the Army. Click it. You will see a bunch of links marked Serial. (The Offical Records require some practice to use them. I use the hard copies. They are much better than the digital copies.) You see the Serials. Click Serial 10 . Then look at the links at the bottom of that page. Click page 0093. That will get you to a list of 229 reports. Most of the reports are written by lower ranking officers or by the surviving officers-in-charge of the mangled regiments. Those are the most interesting and most revealing. Some are written by low ranking Generals too. Those reports stretch from page 93 to page 627. The OR groups Corinth with Shiloh, for good reason. You will learn why that is done, if you read the OR. Those are the reports. Likewise, Serial 11 covers the Correspondence. Start from the beginning. That is about another 700 pages--maybe a few hundred are pertinent. After nearly 1,000 pages of text, you will have a good feel for Shiloh. Maybe Grant's slaughter of his troops at Cold Harbor was worse. I don't know. Google "trees at Shiloh." There was so much gunfire at Shiloh that the trees were getting killed too. I probably need to give a primer on how to use those volumes. By the way, check the Atlas for the Shiloh map too. It should be on the first link I provided marked simply Atlas.
  6. U. S. Civil War Discussion Forum

    It's beautiful. If you want, you can add that image to the Civil War site. I just have to make a "Gallery" section named Weapons of War and you can add the image to it. If you need help, just let me know. If that doesn't work, you can add the above in a discussion. Have you read the reports in the Official Records . . . . covering Shiloh? I walked Antietam. I registered you and added discussion categories for Union and Confederate Weaponry and a Gallery section for Weaponry of War.
  7. I have rechristened http://lifebeginsat67.com/ as a U. S. Civil War discussion forum and I have started adding items to it. There are no age restrictions on membership. If you have an interest in this subject, please join.
  8. PublicView

    We've had a recent post added with the past day. Because of that, I have reopened the Assistance Forum to the public in hopes that someone will use it again.
  9. I banned the orignal poster because I saw a clear violation of Forum Rules. No one asked me take any action.
  10. I believe I deleted all the offending information. I will not hide the topic at this point. If someone sees something I missed, please let me know.
  11. I upgraded the site as suggeted by the writer of the forum software. I don't have time to see what has been done but if it looks a little different, it is because of the upgrade.
  12. I apologize for not seeing this quickly. I banned the ex-member for life.
  13. You can change your alias. All of your posts should be given the new alais you choose. Just send me a PM and the alias you want and I can change it.
  14. Carl: I could not follow your post about COR certification. I only see Vern talking about COs in program offices. Could you elaborate?