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  1. On June 19, 2018, the Senate passed H. R. 5515 by deleting the House version and substituting the Senate version plus many amendments. Its on to conference somewhere down the road. H. R. 5515 is the NDAA vehicle. Legislation.
  2. It might help to define IFF. I'm guessing it is Industrial Funding Fee. See the following Forum Rule: 16. Abbreviations are to be kept to a minimum--preferably none at all--so that others can interpret a post and respond to it intelligently. You only need to post it like this the first time you use it: Industrial Funding Fee (IFF). That should help getting responses.
  3. Here is another successive bid protest with GAO and 2 Courts. First protest to GAO about 2015, corrective action, protester sent a letter to COFC about its intent to file a protest, agency revised its corrective action, protester dropped its intent, protester filed a 2nd protest to GAO, agency cancelled RFQ, 3rd protest to GAO, protest to COFC in 2016, appeal to CAFC by the government over fees in 2018. 5 trips to a protest forum or 6 trips if you count the fee opinion in COFC. See Starry Associates, Inc.. v. U. S., and Intellizant, LLC, No. 2017-2148, June 22, 2018. I'm listing these successive protests here while I decide what I want to do with them and for those interested.
  4. Here is another successive protest. First protest to GAO in 2015, a corrective action, agency issued a new solicitation a year later in 2016, 2nd protest to GAO in 2017, and now a protest COFC in 2018. See Trans Digital Technologies, LLC.
  5. Here is a article from Journalist's Resource you might find interesting. The cost of the study is $40.
  6. Pepe: Your comments were deleted because they are inconsistent with this forum. However, I didn't feel they required your immediate banishment. Leave it at that. If the 8(a) program is race-based, try it in court. If you are correct, you can make it temporary and then end it. Don't just whine about it. Vern was correct in his appraisal of your knowledge of this issue. This is not a private forum. It is private property but it is open to all who have contracting experience and who abide by its rules.
  7. I hid some language in some posts and hid other posts altogether. However, I did not ban anyone. There are studies on the internet that will either support or not support just about any program in Part 19 of the FAR. If you want to discus these programs, use one of the studies based on factual data to support your case. Don't use your opinons or gut feelings. On 6/16/18, I revisited the posts in this forum. I made more deletions. I anticipate making more.
  8. Vern posted Big Is Beautiful: Debunking the Myth of Small Business, by Robert D. Atkinson and Michael Lind to begin this topic. I thought it would be opinion-based but I think it may be supported by facts. One of the authors is President of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. The author has made the book circuit and lists reviews and interviews on the linked page that add information. I found an interview interesting.
  9. Anytime we stray into this area, I must review the discussion word for word as a matter of policy. I will do that at a future date. I am not claiming that anyone wrote anything improper but I will say that my version of strict scrutiny makes the SCOTUS or any other court look like kittens.
  10. Someone asked me how to get information on number of member posts. I didn't know because the software had changed. Well, I found it. If you to the menu and click More you will see Leaderboard. Click Leaderboard and click Top Members and you will get a drop-down menu on the right top. You can find information on posters there. I don't use the Leaderboard for anything.
  11. bob7947


    There was a discussion dealing with SBA and the FAR from the past. It might be useful hre. FAR trumps SBA Regs? I forgot to add that the discussion was from 2009 when this discussion software used a wacky editor that added its own preferred punctuation. There may be a fairly recent--and important--SCOTUS decision that touches on an agency's regulation too. I cannot think of it at the moment but I posted it here somewhere.
  12. S.2987, the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019 was reported out of committee with a written report last week. The report explains the Senate provisions in Title VIII. There are plenty of provisions in Title VIII so I expect the House version will go through changes when this thing is finally passed.
  13. I would not use the memo that the previous poster linked because it is dated June 5. The memo I linked on June 5 for June 6 is now dated June 7. I would use the June 7 memo on the Home Page of this site because there may have been an edit by the issuer.
  14. bob7947

    COR Conflict of Interest

    What does your firm's employment agreeement with its employees say in the area of confidentiality?
  15. bob7947

    Appeals of GAO Bid Protest Decisions?

    Pepe: Interesting. However, GAO reports to Congress and I found no requirement for an agency to report (appeal) to Congress. Instances of agencies not following GAO recommendations are rare and a quick look shows, that when they do occur, it may be caused by disagreements with the COFC. If the courts and agencies are eliminated from hearing protests, GAO protests should be dealt with in 100 days. If they aren't, GAO must report its failure to Congress in its annual report. Before I posted the poll, I asked myself if there is an avenue for appealing a GAO protest decision and I couldn't think of any. I looked at the law quickly and couldn't find any. Then I asked a popular search engine and found this from the Public Contracting Institute. Below are excerpts from the law I identified.