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  1. bob7947

    NDAA Implementation

    Retread: Those are the two I saw.
  2. bob7947

    NDAA Implementation

    Frog: There goes your habitat! Here are my thoughts. As I have written, there are too many changes in Defense contracting law every year, Look at this page and read the Early Engagement Opportunity sections, The regulators are falling behind under the legislative onslaught, In these situations, to provide direction to the Defense contacting personnel, the USD's office must provide timely deviations to regulation. It appears, this one slipped through the cracks. You can search here to see if it was done and I missed it. In Class Deviation 2018-00017 the USD's office wrote: That, in the least, is what should have been done here. Instead, the pirate encountered the problem. As a result, the USD is violating the law, the pirate's advisors are violating the law, and the pirate is violating the law. At least the pirate made sure his/her flak jacket is riding low.
  3. bob7947

    NDAA Implementation

    What else would sheep do?
  4. bob7947

    NDAA Implementation

    Pepe and Carl: Does the follwoing section of the law have meaning?
  5. bob7947

    NDAA Implementation

    Here is the section.
  6. bob7947

    Problems with the Forum

    A database has been repaired and the software program is not showing any errors. Apparently guests were not abole to view the forum. They had to log-in first. That is probably the reason I had so many applications for new accounts in the last day.. Guests have always been allowed to see the forum.
  7. I'm haing problems with the forum. It seems to be affecting viewing it when you are not logged in. Please let me know what you are experiencing because I must depend on others to fix it.
  8. OIRA is located within the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) which is located within the Executive Office of the President.
  9. Here is another 3-for. Solicitation # W52P1J-15-R-0122, issued on May 3, 2016. In February 2017, several offerors protested to GAO. Army notified GAO that it was taking corrective action on March 21, 2017 GAO Protest dismissed -- because of Army corrective action. COFC Protest: issued a permanent restraining order, Dell Federal Systems, L.P and Plaintiff Blue Tech Inc., Iron Bow Technologies LLC et al v. U. S. and Alphasix Corp et al, Nos. 17-465C, 17-473C, July 13, 2017. After the COFC opinion, another group protested to GAO. GAO found out that one of those protesters protested to the COFC and GAO bailed. CDW Government, LLC; CounterTrade Products, Inc.; Telos Corporation; FedBiz IT Solutions, LLC; Transource Services Corporation; CredoGov; J.C. Technology, Inc. d/b/a Ace Computers; New Tech Solutions, Inc.; HPI Federal, LLC; Koi Computers, Inc.; FCN, Inc.; Integration Technologies Group, Inc. B-414389.25, B-414389.26, B-414389.27, B-414389.28 ,B-414389.29, B-414389.30, B-414389.31, B-414389.32, B-414389.33, B-414389.34, B-414389.35, B-414389.36: Sep 18, 2017 CAFC Appeal: reversed COFC opinion, Dell Federal Systems, L.P., Blue Tech Inc., Red River Computer Company, Inc., Plaintiffs-Appellees; Iron Bow Technologies, LLC, Govsmart, Inc., Ideal Systems Solution, NCS Technologies, Inc., Plaintiffs,: U.S., HPI Federal, LLC, CDW Government LLC, et al., Nos. 2017-2516, 2017-2535, 2017-2554, October 5, 2018. There were many unhappy offerors. In the second round of protests, by different protesters, about different things (9/18/17 decision), there were 12 b-numbers handed out, each representing a protest or protestor. One of those protesters, protested to the COFC but I didn't look for an opinion on that item. I'm feeling there is room for an electronic protest game.
  10. I added the topic you wrote in the search box at the top right. It gave this search. If you did something different, let me know.
  11. Last night and this morning, I read an interesting opinion in the Court of Federal Claims (COFC). That opinon is Electra-Med, et al., v. U. S. and American Medical Depot, et al., No. 18-927C, October 3, 2018. It interested me because of what the Judge wrote which I added in the two quote boxes: The Judge found that: The Contracts’ Modifications Are an End-Run Around CICA, The J&A Does Not Justify the Lack of Competition at the Supply Level, and The Modifications Ignore the VA’s Rule of Two Requirement. The Judge concluded: The protestors did not get an injunction. You must read the entire opinion to get the gist of the story. The opinion discusses how VA procured these items before it appears to have thrown up its hands. Most, if not all, of these issues may be specific to VA. What do you think of the VA contracting program, including its solution, mentioned in this opinion and Judge's opinions.
  12. H. R. 6891: The Anti-Deficiency Reform and Enforcement Act of 2018 This is an introduced bill and there was a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform markup on September 27, 2018. Here are key parts of current law that you will see mentioned in the bill: 31 U.S. Code Subchapter III - LIMITATIONS, EXCEPTIONS, AND PENALTIES
  13. bob7947

    Closing Time For a Required Debriefing

    I made a slight modification to the protest information to provide for simplicity in the poll. That was the 4:59 PM time. The protestor requested a debriefing at 4:59 and the agency received it later. I didn't like GAO's decision but Part 15 did lead us to Part 33. The decision is Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc, B-416232, July 12, 2018 (see p. 5). Below are a few excerpts.
  14. A Member sent me this letter from the House Small Business Committee to the Acting Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. You can find the letter at the bottom of the committee press release.
  15. bob7947

    Closing Time For a Required Debriefing

    I'll add the GAO answer at the end of the day, if we get close to 20 votes.