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  1. Perhaps, if someone steals it and takes it away, it becomes a supply to the thief.😋
  2. I found a case decided in the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit called Guarantee Company of North America v. Ikhana, LLC, 2018-1394, October 29, 2019. It involved a surety's rights. In general, the Court uses precedent from two cases to reach its opinion on p. 7 of the opinion. On the next page, two pf the judges issue a concurring opinion and point out their concerns with the court's precedents. These 2 judges write that: The instant case is an appropriate vehicle to review our precedent and to resolve a question of exceptional importance, as the issue is raised squarely by these facts. It is worth thinking about. The excerpt below is the jist of the two judges explanation and it appears on p. 10 and 11 of their opinion.
  3. Retreadfed: I added them to the poll. Thanks.
  4. Please log in and vote in this poll. It will have an effect on how this site will look in the future. I want to understand your needs and interests. It only takes a couple of minutes.
  5. This poll is multiple choice. Do you work on contracts only or are you also involved in grants and cooperative agreements? If you are involved in contracts only, check contracts. If you are involved in any combination of contracts, grants, and cooperative agreements, check the ones that apply to you. There are other forms of federal assistance, ie. SBA loans etc. If you are involved in other than contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements, please explain in a post. Your votes in this poll are not public.
  6. Below is from DFARS. That should get one started. 215.404-70 DD Form 1547, Record of Weighted Guidelines Method Application. Joel found the form from here.
  7. Retreadfed: I've added a law firm's explanation of Defective pricing and I've added a little blurb by another firm focused on DCAA. As Yogi once said about a baseball game, "It ain't over till it's over." That's one way of looking at whether questioned costs ever become defective pricing.
  8. All assistance to a member is appreciated.
  9. Gene: I would Google "purchase request," "procurement request," "purchase order request," etc., and find out what is wanted on the forms that appear. Also think of "requsition request," "requsition order number," which may be similar of the same as a "procurement request." Only look at those items from a dot.gov or dot.mil site. Here is something from DoD's Procedures, Guidance, and Information (PGI). Check the difference between the DoD PGI and DoD DFARS before you use it. Also, you may wish to Google "COR Handbook," etc. to see what you can find there. If you understand what the procurement request collects, you will understand its function, and you probably can develop your own definition. Consider what other's post in this topic.
  10. Retreadfed: This is amusing. You mentioned the 9th Circuit in an earlier post. Here's a couple blurbs on Trott. From the 1987 Post article. Stephen S. Trott is now a Senior Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. He was nominated in 1987 and confirmed in 1988. Lesson: Always keep your next job in mind.
  11. Jacques: Thanks. I saw the article and will read it soon.
  12. Thanks. From a 1987 Washington Post (I did not get the pay me screen on this article) article: Wow, 36 years ago. It seems like ten years ago.
  13. Retreadfed: I think that's it. Let me check. The McDonnell Douglas case had several things in it too. Maybe I should start something about most interesting cases. It would be informative for younger members and the rest of us too.
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