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  1. The Partial Government Shutdown is having an effect on Federal Contractors, Subcontractors, Vendors, Suppliers, etc. and their employees. Once the Shutdown ends, there will be studies estimating the cost of the Shutdown. But what about now? How bad is it for Federal Contractors and Their Employees out there? This poll asks a simple question with answers from 1 to 5 with 5 being the hardest hit. This poll is anonymous.
  2. The Partial Government Shutdown is having an effect on many, if not all of us. Once the Shutdown ends, there will be studies estimating the cost of the Shutdown. But what about now? How bad is it for Federal Employees out there? This Poll provides a numbered response to answer that question using the numbers of 1 to 5 with 5 being the hardest hit. This poll is anonymous.
  3. Michael: You wrote. You said agreement. I assume it is a contract. We assume your contract has a disputes clause as mentioned by others. If you cannot find one in your contract, let the posters know. That clause, backed by federal law, tells you what to do and what the contracting officer must do. You will note that there are dollar thresholds and time limits in the clause. You believe you did the work, your have a right to be paid for it. As ji said, follow the directions in your contract's clause. Forget the one last chance, force the government to do something by enforcing your rights under the clause.
  4. Yes, they were found around Roswell and shipped to the future Area 51.
  5. The item in the box was an A-12, successor to the U-2, and the precursor to the SR-71. They left Burbank, California in those boxes in the early 1960s and were moved to Area 51 for testing. The A-12 was, and still is, the fastest and highest flying air-breathing plane. One of its pilots referred to the one-seater A-12 as the Hot Rod and the 2-seater SR-71 as the family model.
  6. OK, Pepe. You have to save everyone and tell us what everything is. When they were moving the boxes, they hit someone and paid them off for their troubles on the spot.
  7. You have to have a place to hide the aliens and their spaceship. Here is google maps' image of the general area.
  8. The item I posted is Public Land Order 1662 isued by the Department of the Interior. There were several different names given to this area. However, most know it as Area 51.
  9. I've been doing research on a government contracting program and came across this item in the Federal Register. Do you know what it is about? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- WITHDRAWING LANDS FOR USE OF ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION IN CONNECTION WITH NEVADA TEST SITE, ADDITIONAL TO THOSE WITHDRAWN BY PUBLIC LAND ORDER NO. 805 OF FEBRUARY 12, 1952 By virtue of the authority vested in the President, and pursuant to Executive Order No. 10355 of May 26, 1952, it is ordered as follows: Subject to valid existing rights, the following-described public lands in Nevada are hereby withdrawn from all forms of appropriation under the public land laws, including the mining and mineral-leasing laws and-the act of July 31, 1947 (61 Stat. 681; 30 U. S. C. 601- 604) as amended, and reserved for use of the Atomic Energy Commission in connection with the Nevada Test Site: Beginning_ at a point that has coordinates-- Northing, 911,551.82; Easting, 7 14,867.37; Latitude 37°15'07.268"1 N., Longitude 115°55'42.268"' W., which is the northeast corner of the present -Atomic- Energy Commission Proving Ground as withdrawn by Public Land Order No. 805, thence N. 0°32'47" W., 2 miles to the Intersection of a line bearig west of the-point for a corner of Tps. 7 and 8 S., Rs. 55 and 56 E.; East, 10 miles along line for Tps. 7 and 8 S.; South, 6 miles to intersection of the 2d Standard Parallel South and Its. 55 and 56 E. West, 10 miles along said Parallel to east boundary of Public Land Order No. 805 N. 0°32'47" W., 4 miles along said boundary to point of beginning. The above described tract will embrace the following lands, if and when surveyed: - MOUNT DIABLO MERIDIAN T. 8 S., R. 54 E., Secs. 1 to 4, 9 to 16, 21 to 28, and 33 to 36 inclusive. T. 8 S., R. 55 E. The area described contains approximately 38,400 acres. ROGER ERNST, Assistant Secretary-of the Interior. JUNE 20, 1958
  10. I got one of my links backwards but I think it can be found.
  11. NSF is the funding agency and it ships money to DFAS, which is a defense agency. Here is the Act. Do a "find" in chrome for "defense." It doesn't seem to be non-defense. Take a look at the U.S. Antarctic Program Blue Ribbon Panel Report listed at the top of the NSF Antarctic Infrastructure and Logistics (AIL) page. Look at the Chairman for that Panel. 😁 Now, look at the equipment listed on the page for logistics. It may be that NSF is renting that logistics equipment and paying DFAS for it. This recent news article lists an NSF "contractor" and "subcontractor." The NSF and DoD Interagency Agreement (IA) appears to be for rental of DoD equipment which may be operated for NSF by its contractor and subcontractor under a separate NSF contract. That would make sense. You can find the NSF/DoD IA starting here. Click California. Click DoD. Click 1758735. Click FastLane Award Info. I'm guessing that if the IA runs for its full term NSF will pay DFAS roughly $300 million.
  12. I was looking at an online database and I found a blurb for an interagency agreement between NSF and DoD. I don't have access to the interagency agreement. The work was for logistics support provided by DoD at the North and South Pole. What interested me was that NSF names its Program Office but lists the DoD sponsor as DFAS. "Sponsor" in this case is normally the awardee which I would have assumed would be a Logistics office at DoD. Can anyone imagine why DFAS is listed as the Sponsor?
  13. 3 for: In 2014, Dept of State issued a solicitation. In 2016, there was a GAO protest. (DynCorp International LLC, B-411126.4, B-411126.5, B-411126.6: Dec 20, 2016) In 2017, before the Court of Federal Claims, No. 16-1704 C, November 16, 2017 In 2018, Federal Circuit, 2018-1209, December 10, 2018.
  14. bob7947

    Overriding the evaluators

    ". . . source selection officials are not bound by the evaluation judgments of lower level evaluators; they may come to their own reasonable evaluation conclusions." (PiperCoughlin, LLC B-414352.2: Apr 17, 2018) " . . . source selection officials are not bound by the evaluation judgments of lower level evaluators; they may come to their own reasonable evaluation conclusions." (TruLogic, Inc. B-297252.3, January 30, 2006) "The SSA then, in making his decision, documented his rationale for his concurrence with the SSAC’s evaluation of the protester’s proposal under the technical approach and management approach factors, as well as the higher ratings that the SSAC assigned to PiperCoughlin under the past performance factor." (PiperCoughlin, LLC B-414352.2: Apr 17, 2018) "The record, however, shows a well-documented, reasoned evaluation and award decision without evidence of bias." (TruLogic, Inc. B-297252.3, January 30, 2006) "The SSA, however, did not explain how she reached her conclusions; rather she simply stated that they met the definition. The SSA relied on this finding as part of her determination that MIRACORP’s proposal provided the best value to the Government. Having failed to adequately document the basis for her conclusion regarding MIRACORP’s past performance, the determination that MIRACORP’s lower-priced, lower-rated proposal was more similar in technical ratings to TAG’s proposal than the SSEB found is not supported by the record. We find the agency’s best-value determination to be unreasonable because it is relies, in part, on a determination that is inadequately documented." (The Arcanum Group, Inc. B-413682.2, B-413682.3: Mar 29, 2017) That should give you an idea of how to start. Sometimes GAO may smack you in the face and write: It is a general rule. Some may say that the above decisions are simply GAO following FAR language. They may be but here's the deal. You may be faced with a chicken or the egg question when asking if a GAO decision led to a regulation or if GAO is following the regulation in deciding a protest. It doesn't always matter since you are seeking knowledge and the decision expands your knowledge and understanding.