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  1. A writer using the alias of Emptor Cautus has written an article on Acquisition Reform. I provided a comment to the blog that states:
  2. Every now and then, we have the opportunity to enjoy writing that is well-crafted and about something that interests us. Here is such an opportunity. Take it!
  3. About 8 years ago, I wrote this entry. I was reading through some of my old entries this morning and this one stood out. Truthfully, I liked several others too. However, this one provides a lesson in life. At least 2 people thought it was of value and left a response. It is a universal lesson of life. At some point, a position you take will leave you feeling like you are standing alone in gail-force winds. Do you get blown over and fall in with the crowd? Or do you forge ahead alone because your position is correct? If you forge ahead, it may cost you your job or more.
  4. Here is Big Mac's draft bill: H. R. 2511. It is best to read through the actual bill since news can be slanted in any manner the writer wants it to be slanted. If you wish to check on this guy through the Federal Elections Commission, you can do so here. He is from the 13th District in Texas. If you do that, remember he is a 20 plus year incumbent who faced token oppostion. That explains the small amount of funds needed in his campaign. Since this is a non-political site, any thoughts you draw should be your own.
  5. When I see this name William "Mac" Thornberry, I subconciously see Marv Throneberry. Apologies to Marvelous Marv.
  6. What clarification?
  7. I'm troubled with this question. I don't want anyone to: (1) provide advice that interferes with the performance of any contract and (2) provide advice on how to injure another contractor. I think there may be legal options to suggest and am looking for that type of response.
  8. I am posting this for Teton who added it as a blog entry.
  9. rsenn: When I read your post, the above quote from a GAO decision crossed my mind. You will see the same or similar verbage, depending on the protest circumstances, over the years. If this is the kind of information you are looking for, look here.
  10. Update: As many of you know, I have a blog entry that tracks published FACs from the year 2000 to the present. This is the first time that there have been no FACs published in February, March, and April--the last one was January 18, 2017. In this case, there have been no FACs published in this new Administration.
  11. ContractSpecialistTJohn: Matthew is correct. When you respond to a post, the quote box pops up. You have to be careful not to enter your response within the quote box or it is confusing. I cannot separate your response from the quotes because I'm not sure how you want it to look.
  12. rsenn: I assume that the "negotiation letter" is a notice from the agency that says your proposal is deficient as it is. If you don't give the agency what it wants for it to be acceptable, the agency may find your proposal as unacceptable and no longer in the competition. I wont try to project what avenue an attorney may use in a protest but I cannot remember when a protest, based on an agency using unstated evaluation criteria, was sustained. There may be a case but I cannot remember posting it. And where would that get you? If you want your proposal to stay in the competition, take Vern's advice.
  13. JOANN DAVIS, an individual; PAUL CILLEY, an individual, Plaintiffs-Appellees, v. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; NORMAN CONLEY, Defendants-Appellants.
  14. Our 4,500 approved registration should be made about the end of April. There is a monetary award that goes with this approved registration.
  15. There was an article in the Washington Post today about industry being invited to tell the Administration what regulations needed to be revised and appealed. Here is a set from the The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). On p. 8 of the AGC document they briefly discuss contract regulation. On p. 12 of the document they write about specifics. Much of this is contracting. Any discussion.