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  1. This link takes one to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program, Policy Directive, 2/24/14. If that one has been revised, let me know.
  2. bob7947

    I'm Back!!!!!!

    An upgrade was made to the server software last night by my host. It was done 98 % correctly. The internet only accepts 100 % so that is why it was offline. Still working with my host to clarify.
  3. bob7947

    We Cannot Explain Our Requirements

    General: What is the expected dollar value of the procurement? How long to expiration of the current contract? Just for laughs, Who approves the contractor's invoices? Was this item truly developed by the contractor, and if claimed so by the program, how do they know? Who evaluates the contractor's performance? Edit: I added #3 about 30 minutes after I wrote the original text. I won't look at this topic again.
  4. I've republished my other site lifebeginsat67.com. The first time I published it, it didn't get traction. Then I turned it into another type of site and that didn't get traction. It is not easy to start a site from scratch. Things happened and I now have a reason to republish lifebeginsat67 but I had to do it quickly. The site is open to anyone over the age of 50. It uses the same discussion board as Wifcon.com but this one has galleries where you can post images. You can also write a blog, etc. If you registered for an account when it was first published, you still have an account there. I forget to mention that lifebeginsat67.com now has an add just above. You can click on the ad and see it.
  5. You posted your question during the weekend on Saturday and your second post was on Sunday. Although some members respond on weekends, most respond on work days.
  6. bob7947

    A Hiring Challenge

    I closed this topic and converted it to a poll with the same name. Whether you have anwsered them or haven't answered them, please complete the poll so Vern can have a complete poll. You can add any comments over there.
  7. bob7947

    A Hiring Challenge.

    Vern asked the following question in a topic here.. I converted the topic question into a poll for him. Please answer Vern's questions in the poll and add any comments in the topic.
  8. bob7947

    A Hiring Challenge

    Go Ahead is satisfactory. I forgot to mention. When the poll is closed in the future I can move it back here. I can do it here.
  9. bob7947

    A Hiring Challenge

    Whatever is the wrong answer.
  10. bob7947

    A Hiring Challenge

    Vern: Your going to get a variety of answers. With a poll, you have a chance to get clean answers. I'm quite sure I can do it fairly easily. You might as well let me try to do it now.
  11. bob7947

    A Hiring Challenge

    Vern: Your question should have been a poll. A poll would have given you answers to your 3 questions without any text. If someone wanted to comment with text, they could have added it without affecting your poll results. Do you want this to be a poll? I think I can move your initial post over there and set up your poll myself.
  12. bob7947


    I've tried something new for this category on Recommended Reading. The forum software allows Members to rate topics. I've decided to do it for this category. When you decide to add a rating to a topic, you are rating the Recommended Reading item and not anything else. I've rated this post 4 times. I think your last rating counts. We'll see how it works.
  13. bob7947

    Master Degrees

    One of the advertisers here is the American Graduate University and they have specific Masters Degrees programs in contracting areas. Here is their catalog. I would check with someone that recruits for a corporation that you are familiar with and ask them what value they place on MBAs and JDs.