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  1. This morning, I posted a new ad for a new advertiser. It is on the second level on the right. Please check it out.
  2. You can find a variety of GAO and Court of Federal Claims decisions and opinions at: FAR 6.001: Competition; Modifications, beyond the scope. Excerprts are shown and links to the decision or opinion.
  3. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    I opened a new sub-forum for Covid under the Contracting Forum. It should operate as any other sub-forum under contracting. I won't close this topic yet because it still appears to be ongoing. However, transition new discussions to the COVID-19 sub-topic. I'm sure there will be plenty to talk about.
  4. This is a new sub-forum to discuss the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on contracting. This deals with new rules to award contracts, administer contracts, etc. You should be able to use this as any other sub-forum under Contracting. I will close the discussions under the COVID-19 Poll but you will still be able to vote in that poll. I cannot move posts by themselves to a new sub-forum.
  5. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    H2H: I will. Do you have a link to the Navy memo.
  6. Take a look at this GAO decision. It may have some bearing on your situation. Continental Service Company, B-258807, February 15, 1995. You can find other protests within this one. In The Allen Prods. Co., B-213318, Nov. 10, 1983, 83-2 CPD Para. 548. GAO said It seems that procedural deficiencies do not matter.
  7. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    Its online. M-20-18.
  8. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    I've been using livescience. It hasn't been updated for today.
  9. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    AAC: The phrase is social distancing. Counties in South East Pa are being closed in an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Liquor stores are considered a non-essential business.
  10. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    They're closing the liquor stores here on Tuesday until further notice.
  11. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    H-2-H and all: This is real to an unknown extent. Look at CDC's Map. You will see 3 states that did not report cases. That means they are not testing yet or they are simply not reporting. Around March 5, there were about 40 states without testing. Until testing is going on full throttle in the U. S., we won't even know the extent of COVID-19 here. CDC has posted 1,629 cases for the past 2 days. That's nonsense. The number of cases is dependent on testing. Look at the World Health Organization's (WHO) situation reports. They post one each day. (CDC is posting their own now also.) WHO posts tables with each report. Scroll down and you will see China's provinces. The number of cases there have been around 81,000 cases for a number of days and COVID-19 may have stalled there. We don't really know because we don't know the extent of China's testing. Hubei, China is where this started. It accounts for most of the cases in Cina and nearly all of the deaths. Is that because it was the first hit and they learned how to deal with it? I don't know. Look at Europe and how the cases are ramping. It may be because they are finally testing. In the past few days, health authorities have said that COVID-19 stays in the body for up to 37 days--longer than the common flu. Cases may be so mild that those infected may not know it. On the other hand, COVID-19 cases can be fatal. We don't know if it is spreading rapidly or if it is already in our population waiting for the population to be tested. I've been following this closely because it is affecting my personal life. What we know is: we don't want to be a carrier of COVID-19, we don't want to be in ill-health if we do get infected, we don't know the extent of COVID-19 in the world population or any population for that matter, we don't know the mortality rate because we don't know the population with COVID-19 and probably never will. In short, we don't know _ _ _ _ yet about it but probably will in 2021. For me, I upset the closest person to me by going out in the world on an unnecessary excursion and am now staying inside unless I must go out.
  12. Quick story: I was going through a source selection file at one of the Department of Energy sites many years ago. One of the offeror's Key Personnel was an individual present at the development of the first nuclear weapon. I stared at the name in the proposal for a moment and turned to an SSET member and said with reverence: he's one of the old ones. I seem to remember Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock saying something similar on their adventures. I've seen other offeror's using well known names for window-dressing but the guy I saw in the offeror's proposal was the real thing.
  13. DoD sent a response to the Court of Federal Claims yesterday stating it "wishes to reconsider" the JEDI award.
  14. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    This poll was closed by mistake--probably by me--and I reopened it because I think it is a good poll.
  15. bob7947

    Coronavirus Impact

    The only effect on me is a lack of disinfectant wipes which I normally buy. I am self-contained in my home office. Wifcon.com's Home Page is dependent on the federal government posting contracting related information. The discussion board will be available to you into the distant future.
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