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  1. bob7947

    Closing Time For a Required Debriefing

    I made a slight modification to the protest information to provide for simplicity in the poll. That was the 4:59 PM time. The protestor requested a debriefing at 4:59 and the agency received it later. I didn't like GAO's decision but Part 15 did leads us to Part 31. The decision is Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc, B-416232, July 12, 2018 (see p. 5). Below are a few excerpts.
  2. A Member sent me this letter from the House Small Business Committee to the Acting Administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. You can find the letter at the bottom of the committee press release.
  3. bob7947

    Closing Time For a Required Debriefing

    I'll add the GAO answer at the end of the day, if we get close to 20 votes.
  4. A DoD agency advised an offeror that its proposal was excluded from the competitive range. In accordance with FAR 15.505(a)1 [see quote box] the offeror submitted a request for debriefing: The offeror submitted a written request for debriefing to the contracting officer within the 3 days after the offeror was notified and the agency received the request at 4:59 PM local time of the 3rd day. Nothing in the solicitation, nor elsewhere, designated the business hours of the DoD agency. The offeror claims it met the cutoff time for a required debriefing; the DoD agency told the offeror it didn't. What did GAO say was the cutoff time for the required debriefing mentioned in FAR 15.505(a)(1)?
  5. H2H: It is not possible to get a complete listing of all actions because not all justice organizations are reporting. I complained years ago asking for central reporting and DOJ did improve its reporting. That took a couple of years. However, I don't know how many justice organizations still don't report. I know during 2018 I've posted press releases of indictments, pleas, sentencing, claims, and jury decisions involving the 8(a), SBA small business, DOT's DBE, and veterans programs. There was at least one subcontracting case under a grant too. I didn't remember anything on the WOSB program so I checked and couldn't find anything. I do add cases involving federal medical programs sometimes.
  6. As I mentioned, the information at SBIR.gov is from a tutorial and not a contract. It also may depend on the stage of the SBIR, I have no idea. (Edit) I said that on the SBIR site it If I cared about the ownership, I would go back to the law and see what it says.
  7. The SBIR.gov site appears to discus the OP's question but the OP has not logged in since last Wednesday and may have abandoned the question. Now, this is from a tutorial and not a contract. The SBIR.gov answer is here under Question 5.
  8. Why not throw in proxy servers then? You wouldn't believe how many applicants with servers in the Seychelles want to be members of Wifcon.com's Forums and Blogs.
  9. Several things may affect the way your computer reacts to the internet, including your: browser, antivirus, operating system.
  10. Here is what I get. My browser is chrome.
  11. You have received 14 responses to your earlier questions. Let's reach at least 20 responses by the end of today. Edited 3 hours ago by bob7947
  12. While I did my update last night, it brought back memories. If you are a Washingtonian, you know that the city clears out in August to coincide with the Congressional recess. GAO knows it too. Take a look at the number of GAO reports released on September 5, 2018--last night. Nothing sinister, they just don't want to issue a report to a near empty Congress. So they wait until Congress reconvenes in September. The protests are different. GAO is up against a day limit that is set in law.
  13. bob7947

    Evaluation Bias

    OK, we have 14 responses: 12 votes and 2 posts, as of now, with contrasting results. Bias has been raised before in the discussions here. The OP wrote 2 thoughful questions. The OP is looking for responses from Let's reach at least 20 responses by the end of today.
  14. bob7947

    Evaluation Bias

    I've added a poll using the OP's questions in the hope that it may be answered anonymously. The OP stated: For those of you with a history on the buyer side of the fence, ... You can respond verbally, if you like, as the OP wrote it.