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  1. The Acquisition Research Program of the Naval Postgraduate School, publishes a review called The Crow's Next which contains A Quarterly Review of Research & Activities. So far, it appears there are 2 issues. The 2 issues below include papers and thesis reports. There are plenty of papers. Maybe, you can find something of interest. Issue 1: December 1, 2020. Issue 2: April 2021.
  2. Ahh, our 3 central suppliers with Moe sitting this one out. Curly and Larry got entangled with two forums for protest--an administrative body (Abbot) and the court system (Costello). Of course, that's not enough. Abbot's second-guessers who are called evaluators stirred things up too. On p. 3, the judge described an agency action as: That request added bedlam to already existing chaos.
  3. Vern: I agree that OFPP is dead but it still has it's law and things that the Administrator is charged with doing. I think it's good that you added an item that shows what OFPP might have been. Since few of us were around for the issuance of the Commission on Government Procurement Report, that report listed OFPP as its first recommendation. If anyone wants to look at the way contracting was in 1972, recommendations to improve it then, and think about where contracting is now, the Commission report is at the bottom of this page. PS: I don't know if it is real or not but I dreamt there is a grinning person at the front door of OMB with a stamp that is pressed on the hand of every new Administrator of OFPP when they first enter OMB. The stamp reads "Former Administrator of OFPP" and is shaped like a ticket.
  4. Yesterday, there was an online discussion on Green Public Procurement. Steve Schooner was a participant and his comments on the subject may interest some. He speaks last and his comments begin at 1:17.37. He also mentioned some sites that you could use if you have an interest. I added links to them. Green Procurement Compilation. (GSA) Comprehensive Procurement Guideline (CPG) Program. (EPA) LEED rating system. (USGBC)
  5. Former political appointee at the Department of Housing and Urban Development to head OFPP.
  6. Vern: It took me a short period of time to realize the proposed legislation was less than a joke. In looking at the OFPP Act a few minutes ago, I happened upon a 1979 Testimony from the Deputy Comptroller General on GAO's initial look at the accomplishments of OFPP. The testimony should explain what it was about.
  7. When I read the following bill I wondered about 2 things. Why the Director of the Office of Management and Budget assigned with getting it done? Maybe someone hopes that OMB can find OFPP. Why no DoD? DoD is purposely left out. Artificial Intelligence Training for the Acquisition Workforce Act or the AI Training Act. Press Release: Legislation Would Require Training for Federal Employees Who Procure and Manage Artificial Intelligence Technology to Ensure It Is Used Safely and Ethically. I assume this is only window dressing for the Congressional August recess.
  8. Mike: Thank You. Skunk Works is good. Kelly Johnson's book Kelly is worth reading because he wrote it. I don't know how much longer any A-12 pilots will remain. Frank Murray, the A-12 pilot who flew the final flight of an A-12 from Area 51 to Lokkheed's Palmdale site, gives a good presentation in The Oxcart Story - Frank Murray.
  9. I'm tring to find someone to help with it. So far, nothing.
  10. The discussion forum was updated last night. It looks like it added some silly features. I need to look what happened and see what I can discard. It lookes like all numbers of posts were deleted.
  11. The software provider sent my a major "upgrade" to install. It is now installed with other changers to the server. I won't be able to deal with the changes until tomorrow.
  12. Vern: When I was in GAO's Preocurement and Systems Acquisition Division (General Procurement Group) in the 1970s, I was told to do research on the 4-Step procedure in DoD. The Navy keeps entering my mind and a blue transmittal page possibly covering a DoD report on the subject is what I was looking at. I know that it is not much but I am not aware that the General Procurement Group--the group who would have done something--did anything on the subject after that. I seem to remember that someone mentioned the 4-step was similar to NASA. ---------------- OK, I wondered what happened to it. So, I just checked and found a 1980 article in the American Bar Journal. Apparently, DoD adopted it.
  13. Thanks. Yes, today was the first time I've seen that terminology and it is one of the cases on the Home Page. Whoever reads this will now hear of it too. I added a link to the opinion in your Two Rivers citation.
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