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  1. From trying to remember over a decade or so, the Councils like to group final and interim rules in a FAC. I do list proposed rules in the bottom right column and add the final rules to the issued FACs as they are included in FACs. If any are made final and not included in FACs, I shift the Final rule to the left hand column. The simple answer is that making a rule final without a FAC is done much less often. It is my belief that fewer FACs have been issued over the past several years. If there are no FACs to tie a final rule to as in 2018-005, they just make it final without one. In
  2. It is in FAR Case 2018-005. This is the proposed version. The Final version was dated 7/2/2020. The DoD Deviation was 2018-00012. The NDAA became law in December 2017.
  3. Joel: There are nearly 500 footnotes too. Maybe Briefing Papers should rename it to Detailed Tome.
  4. Joel: Let's stretch this out further and add something more to the Briefing Papers which explains the process. On it's p. 3, the Paper mention's there are 3 BCAs. I know of a 4th - GAO's Contract Appeals Board.
  5. Some news that I posted to the Home Page tonight. Fiscal Year 2020 Reporting Period Extended for Contractor Service Contract Reporting in the System for Award Management.
  6. In the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, the Appeals Court heard an appeal of two claims in which the Court of Federal Claims issued opinions on a bid protest. The Appeals Court sent one opinion on one claim back to the Claims Court for a further look. The protest involved something a bit different (qualified parts list) and deals with the terms "in connection with a procurement or a proposed procurement" and "interested party." The decision/opinion of the Appeals Court and the Claims Court are below. LAX Electronics, Inc. (dba) Automatic Connector, 2020-1498, November 3, 2
  7. H-2-H: Is this it. I think it is worth reading. I haven't done a thorough reading of the decision but it appears that the COFC backed down because of a "novel" ruling by the CAFC.
  8. In the Court of Federal Claims: Savantage Financial Services, Inc. v. U. S., No. 19-1805C, October 26, 2020
  9. I'm going to update site now.  You won't see it for a while.

  10. Send me a PM above where the envelope is at. Fill in your previous display name and e-mail addresses. I'll see if I can figure it out.
  11. Joel: I clicked on your name and message, activity, profile, etc. Appeared.
  12. Steve Schooner posted an article on the SSRN entitled Brand Name or Equal: Without "Equal," It's Not Competitive. I think you may find it of interest.
  13. I found this: GSA’s Take on Implementation of Section 889 from SheppardMullin.
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