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GSA Advantage Catalogs Deadline Extended

Centre Law & Consulting


GSA ALERT – As of yesterday (Oct 1st, 2020) , the GSA announced they will extend the deadline for industry to update GSA Advantage catalogs to March 31, 2021.

The GSA had been contacting all schedule holders advising them to update their GSA Advantage catalogue(s) by October 31, 2020 to reflect acceptance of the GSA MAS consolidation from Mass Mod A812.

Vendors awarded a GSA MAS contract are required to submit (via SIP or EDI) an updated GSAAdvantage catalog with the new Schedule number (MAS) and new SIN numbers(s) and update their GSA Price List.

If a schedule holder does not update their catalog file to reflect the GSA MAS by March 31, 2021, it will be removed from GSA Advantage, which will also impact their ability to access to GSA’s eBuy system.

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