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Mass Modifications – How to Stay Up to Date with GSA Solicitation Refreshes

Centre Law & Consulting


By JW Butler

The General Services Administration (GSA) will occasionally refresh the terms and conditions across all of the GSA Schedule solicitations. When a Schedule solicitation refreshes, it can be for several reasons such as adding, deleting, or amending Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) or General Services Administration Acquisition Regulation (GSAR) clauses or adding or revising the Special Item Numbers (SINs). Occasionally, the refresh contains simple formatting or spelling changes.

When changes are made to the Schedule solicitations, GSA issues a Mass Modification to all contract holders under the applicable Schedule. These changes must be accepted on each of your contracts to keep your contract up to date with the latest solicitation terms and conditions. Vendors can request an exception to specific terms and conditions in a Mass Modification; however, these exceptions can be difficult to get approved. If a vendor has any outstanding Mass Modifications, they will not be able to modify their contract until the Mass Modifications are accepted. If a vendor has more than one contract under the same Schedule, such as two IT70 Schedules, the Mass Modification must be accepted for BOTH Schedules.

GSA will send an email to the contract administrator listed on contract in GSA’s System with a subject line similar to the following: “Modification to Schedule PSS Refresh 33 <Contract GS10F0040S> (A723)”. This email will contain the PIN necessary to accept the Mass Modification. Because this email is only sent to your contract administrator, it is important to ensure the contract administrator information for your contract is always current. This will help to avoid missing any Mass Modifications.

If a Mass Modification is missed or the PIN has expired, you can request a new PIN be sent by contacting your Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO). If you do not know your ACO’s name or contact information, it can be found here. Mass Modifications must be accepted in the order of when they were released. If you fail to accept a Mass Modification, you will not be sent a PIN for the next Mass Modification until the previous Mass Modification is accepted.

Steps to accept Mass Modifications

  1. Go to the Mass Modification System
  2. Enter your contract number, with no spaces, in the search bar
  3. Select the open Mass Modification for which you received the PIN
  4. Enter the PIN GSA provided via email
  5. Select an email address from the drop-down menu for a one-time security code. NOTE: The list of emails in the drop-down menu are the authorized negotiators with signature authority on your contract
  6. Enter the one-time security code you received
  7. Review the summary of the changes applicable to the Mass Modification and click “Continue” through these pages. Click the “Select All Remaining Clauses” option when prompted to accept the changes in the Mass Modification, then click on “Accept Selected”
  8. Enter your contact information at the end of the acceptance process
  9. Re-enter the PIN provided by GSA
  10. Exit the webpage. You will receive an email following acceptance with a link to download the final SF30

Spring forward

Be on the lookout for an upcoming Mass Modification email as GSA recently announced that all Schedule Solicitations are expected to refresh sometime this spring. If you have any questions or require assistance in accepting you Mass Modifications feel free to contact anyone on our GSA Consulting Team.


About the Author:

JW.jpg JW Butler

JW Butler is GSA/VA Contract Consultant at Centre Law & Consulting. JW supports the consulting team in preparing various contract modifications, market analysis for products/services, and GSA Advantage catalog updates for Schedule contracts. JW also assists in the preparation of both new Schedule and successful legacy proposals, as well as uses the Schedule Input Program (SIP) to upload catalogs to GSA eLibrary and GSA Advantage.


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