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VA National Acquisition Center Issues Updated Small Business Subcontracting Plan Template

Centre Law & Consulting


VA National Acquisition Center Issues Updated Small Business Subcontracting Plan Template | Centre Law & Consulting in Tysons, VA
Large business prime contractors holding Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) contracts issued by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) National Acquisition Center (NAC) may want to take note.

Updated Small Business Subcontracting Plan Template
The VA NAC posted an updated Small Business Subcontracting Plan Template to its website in February 2017. This latest version of the template is dated January 26, 2017.

VA NAC also updated its VA FSS Subcontracting Plan Training presentation in January 2017, providing detailed information on how to complete the new VA FSS Subcontracting Plan Template. Current VA NAC contract holders should ensure their new and ensuing subcontracting plans are submitted to the VA NAC for approval no later than 30 calendar days prior to expiration of their current plans.

It should be noted VA does not accept or recognize digital or electronic signatures at this time. It requires the email submission of subcontracting plans contain a scanned wet signature.

VA NAC continues to step-up enforcement of timely submissions. Delinquent submissions of subcontracting plans and Electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) data can result in negative Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) assessments, issuance of Cure Notices, or other contract enforcement actions which could jeopardize continued performance under the contract.

Small Business Size Standards Changed
Federal small business size standards changed significantly effective February 26, 2016, for North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes covering manufacturing (NAICS Sectors 31-33). For example, perhaps one of the most common NAICS Codes used in VA procurements, NAICS 339112, Medical and Surgical Supplies Manufacturing, increased from 500 to 1,000 employees.

Therefore, contract holders should check to see if their size status has changed. Some “large” businesses are now classified as “small” under the new size standards, and small businesses are not required to submit subcontracting plans. If your size status has changed from large to small, contact your contracting officer to determine if a small business subcontracting plan is still required. A subcontracting plan is required until the contracting officer advises it is no longer required.

What Can You Do Next?
Centre provides turn-key Small Business Subcontracting Plan support to large business VA FSS Contractors using best practices to develop commercial subcontracting plans and administer their small business subcontracting program. This includes conducting formal surveys to ascertain size and socioeconomic procurement preference program status of suppliers and subcontractors, eSRS submissions, and preparation of justifications for achievement shortfalls against negotiated small business and socioeconomic procurement preference program category goals.

Contact Wayne Simpson to find out more, get started with your supplier survey, or determine the best next steps for your company.

About the Author:

Wayne Simpson | Centre Law & Consulting Wayne Simpson

Wayne Simpson is a seasoned former Federal executive and acquisition professional who is also a highly-motivated and demonstrative small business advocate, with nearly 38 years of Federal Civilian Service with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), and its predecessor organization, the Veterans Administration.


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